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Why is PVC film so good for industrial applications?

When most people think about lamination they will likely focus on paper and card materials. However, there is a great deal of demand for laminating services in the industrial sector. In fact laminates are useful for a huge array of applications. There are lots of different choices for films here. However, one of the most popular is PVC film. Below we will take a look at why it is so good for these projects. Continue reading

Setting your budget for laminate products

More and more people are choosing laminates to add stylish touches to their properties. There are plenty of great options. This includes products you can use to freshen up your home and other choices that are great for large retail spaces. Whatever you choose though, you need to get high quality laminating services. This is the best way to ensure you get a great result. Continue reading

Will brushed foil give you the look you want?

Foils can be a really great choice if you have a piece of packaging you want to add extra elements to. You can use the foil to create all kinds of interesting details, whether it is a pattern or a brand logo. There are lots of materials to choose from so you can be really creative with your products. Foiling Services can help here too; we are one of the leading service providers in the UK. Continue reading