Exterior Products

We offer a range of High Performance Exterior Products from Kurz and Renolit.

The Kurz hot transfer foils fall in to two different categories, the Woodgrain Foils for the Glazing Industry and the Specialised Metallic for the Automotive and POS Industries, with our emphasis on the POS market.

Glazing Industry Products from Kurz are Heat Resistant Foils which include Rosewood, Golden Oak and Mahogany 013 are all Vacuum Formable making them ideal for moulding in to composite doors, door panels and conservatory components. We also offer Chartwell Green and Irish Oak foils produced by CFC Europe, again in the Heat Resistant Vacuum Formable Quality. In addition to the Kurz & CFC product we supply Renolit foiled sheets to the door panel industry for the manufacture of flat panels that faithfully match the window profile, with many colours in stock.

Specialised Exterior Metallic foils give our customers a little more flexibility if they need to have displays outside and these products include Chromes, Brushed and plain pigment products in a range of shades and colours.

  • Rosewood
  • Golden Oak
  • Mahogany 013
  • Irish Oak
  • Chartwell Green
  • Sapeli 021

These are manufactured on PVC sheet 2000x860x1.4mm and protected with a vacuum formable PE film. Other sizes and colours are available upon request.

We manufacture theses products to order, using either your own sheet free issued to us, or our own sheet if you require the compete item.

Please call 01684 575655 for a quote.