Renolit Products

At Foiling Services we strive to offer the highest quality thermoplastic films, ensuring we can satisfy the diverse needs of our client base. With this in mind we stock materials from several established, well respected manufacturers. Amongst these we have a wide array of RENOLIT products to choose from.

RENOLIT is a market leader and produces a full range of films. They are used in a multitude of sectors, from automotive to construction and even linings for swimming pools. They can be employed to create all manner of composite materials, providing additional protection for a number of different substrate materials.

The great thing about RENOLIT products is they are incredibly high quality. This means they can provide a fantastic finish when they are utilised. They also offer a vast array of characteristics, including UV protection, weatherability, and fire retardancy. There are films that will comply with legal and technical requirements as well as those purely for aesthetic purposes.

We are immensely proud to stock these wonderful films and can offer our clients advice about the best ones to satisfy their needs. Whether you are looking for internal or external products you can find them in the RENOLIT range.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for information and the specifications of each product we have to offer.