Patterned holographic, polyester, and metallised mylar laminates

Those of you who have used laminating services in the past will understand why more people should be embracing them. In addition to offering protection, the laminates can amplify the appearance of your goods. For the best results though, you should work with us. Our business has been working hard to bring first rate lamination to the public for a long time. We can meet your specifications and reach the highest possible standards on every job. Continue reading

Laminate countertops can be better than solid marble

Marble has become one of the most popular materials for kitchens and bathrooms in the UK. It is a luxurious material and each piece is unique. However, there are some issues with using it. You should look at these to ensure you are ready for the maintenance and upkeep. If any of them deter you, you can choose laminating services instead to get a counter that looks like real marble but with none of the drawbacks. Continue reading

Obtain superior foiling results by cleaning the dies

Foiling services are useful for breathing new life into your items. There is more to this process than the simple shades of gold and silver however. We prove a huge range of foils to enhance our clients’ items. Our business uses brushed, mirror, exterior, printed products, and more to get the job done. They are available in a myriad of colours and patterns. Continue reading

Use holographic, aluminium, and transfer metallised laminates for packaging

We have been providing laminating services to clients in the UK for many years now. Our team have built a huge wealth of knowledge in this time. They know how delicate this process is and how careful they must be with your items. Having so much care and attention to detail, you can depend on us when you need help with any kind of packaging and many other products. Continue reading

An easy guide for laminating plywood and cabinets

Without laminate, many items in the home would look very different. If you have any flat pack furniture, it is likely that beneath the outer layer there is plywood. It is the same for kitchen cabinets and some worktops. Your items would be far less aesthetically pleasing if it was just the bare wood. So, you should respect the value of good laminating services. Continue reading

How do hot and cold foils work with labels?

Having spent years in the foil and lamination industry, we can assist you with everything you need. It could be something simple like adding foils to packaging or a more complex project. In both cases we have the right skills and expertise. Plus, we also have the most sophisticated equipment to maximise the results. This is why we are the market leader for foiling services in the UK. Continue reading