Why use PVC film for industrial applications?

If you look at the usage statistics for different types of plastics, PVC is one of the most popular in the world. Typically it only follows PET and PP in terms of volume. PVC’s popularity comes from the fact it is useful for so many different industrial applications. This is true whether you choose sheets or film. We want to take a close look at the latter today because it can be a reliable choice for different laminating services. Continue reading

Keep stamping foil in your mind

The beauty that comes with artistry and design exists in its ability to continuously evolve. It always looks for innovative and novel ways to mesmerise audiences. Within the present creative landscape, one innovation that’s managed to quickly rise to prominence is foil stamping. This is a distinct practice that uses a delicate layer of metal. You affix it onto a substrate to change standard exteriors to astonishing masterpieces. Plus, with recyclable foils you can decorate with an eye on the environment. Continue reading

A sustainable alternative to chrome

There are plenty of car enthusiasts all around the world. Many of them appreciate classic cars because the designs are more unique. They also tend to have more impressive features too, including chrome parts. In comparison, many modern cars can leave a lot to be desired. However, there is an alternative to chromium that looks just as good. What you can choose instead is sustainable foils. They can offer impressive aesthetics and many other benefits. Continue reading

Working with glue and wax lamination

There are several options available in regards to laminating paper/foil structures. This includes wax and glue lamination. These two do serve the same purpose, which is applying one substrate to another. Despite this, both carry distinct properties that can make or break a decent wrap. To help you understand, we’re going to discuss the two in detail here. Then, if you need laminating services, you can rely on us. Continue reading

The truth about foil packaging’s sustainability

People around the planet now believe we should prioritise the environment over economic growth. This is a concern that is seeping into buying habits. Many now say that environmental worries influence their purchasing choices. Consumer pressure for greener items and services is moving up through supply chains as well. Retailers are competing to source those sustainable solutions their customers want, including recyclable foils. Continue reading

Protect your important recipes

Most people learn to cook by making recipes. They then expand their skills by finding more and replicating the foods they enjoy eating. Some even go on to create their own, whether for home or professional use. Whatever the case, you probably want to protect your recipes. The best thing to do is choose laminating services. Continue reading

Have you thought of adding foil to swing tags?

We’ve all been in a shop and had to look for a tag on a product so we can check the price. They can be incredibly important to businesses. A good design can be the difference between a purchase and an item remaining on the rail. You can do a number of things to ensure these swing tags stand out and give people the right info. Foiling services can be really excellent. Continue reading

Silver foil boxes are some of the best packaging options

Sustainable foilsThere are many advantages that come with using silver foil boxes. If you’ve been shopping around these past few years, you will understand what we are talking about. They are excellent for storing everything from jewellery to food. We’re going to cover some of the advantages of this packaging. Doing so will provide you with an understanding of why people love it so much. By using them yourself, you will get that wow factor that current users have. In addition, you can use sustainable foils to make the boxes easier on the environment. Continue reading