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The world of semi-rotary, flatbread, and security foiling

Foiling servicesOne of the most amazing things about using foil is there are so many different potential applications. This is possible because there are lots of options for foils and many ways to apply them. We can help clients to get the best results, calling on our extensive experience, high quality materials, and first rate equipment. So, we are more than capable of satisfying your needs. Continue reading

A look at different types of vinyl

Lamination is one of the most important modern manufacturing techniques. It allows the creation of lots of useful products, from flat pack furniture to menus and marketing materials. It also helps with the creation of sustainable building materials like CLT. It is a process we have a lot of experience with. In fact, we are confident we can offer some of the finest laminating services in the UK. Continue reading

Laminate on plastic not paper

Laminating servicesMore people are discovering just how useful laminating services can be. When performed correctly, this technique can provide your items with an excellent level of protection. Careful application can provide a smooth, even finish, making sure the laminate bonds properly without flaws like bubbles. We have the experience to give you these top quality results on lots of different projects. Continue reading

How are foil stamping and sleeking different?

Using foiling services is something that allows you to foil your items to the highest standard. You will get the very best results here when you work with a market leader like us. Our team has been part of this industry for many years. As a result, we have the experience to satisfy your every need. We have excellent resources and work to elevate every product we apply foil to. Continue reading

Rookie laminating mistakes you can’t make

Foiling Services is the ideal partner for all kinds of projects. We can add foil or laminate to an array of products, offering results to suit any need. For example, we can offer laminating services to protect everything from timber to card sheet materials. Or, we can provide decorative foils or laminates. We are confident you won’t find more reliable services than ours. Continue reading

The reasons why your book needs the right cover

People are using foiling services due to their ability to enhance the appearance of their items. The effect is quite substantial, especially if you work with experts such as us. We always strive to deliver results capable of exceeding the highest expectations. At the same time, we aim to give customers a cost effective solution because of our low prices. Continue reading