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What is flush cut and sealed edge lamination?

Using laminating services is advantageous in many ways. Most notably, it provides your items with a level of protection you cannot get with other options. In addition, it can enhance the aesthetics of your materials if you choose the right film. In order to gain these benefits however, you are better off working with professionals. Our team has been specialising in this area for years, so we can give you the assistance you are looking for. Continue reading

Win more people over with gold foil

Most people don’t hold on to marketing materials for very long. This is true whether it is a flyer, a brochure, or any other kind of hand out. Usually all of these items will end up quickly going in the bin or recycling pile. However, there are things you can try to make people take more notice and hold on to them. Foiling services are a great choice. Continue reading

Using film laminated metals

One thing manufacturers often need to think about is uniformity. They will want everything to look the same so it is consistent. However, this can be tricky in many respects. It is especially hard with steel sheets and products made from them. There can be differences in the graining, colour and more. Even if you choose to paint or finish the metal, there can be issues here too. One of the best ways to guarantee every sheet is uniform is to choose laminating services. Continue reading