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Think about laminating board prints

One of the best things about modern artwork is there are so many options. You can choose the perfect type for any kind of need, whether it is a print for a bathroom or external signage to promote your business. Board prints are a great choice, especially as an alternative to canvas. You can also enhance them with laminating services. We want to take a closer look at them today and why it is a good idea to add a laminate. Continue reading

Consider the psychology behind luxury packaging

While the focus should always be on the product itself, we are all susceptible to attractive packaging. We’ve probably all noticed something on the shelf in a shop simply because the box looks impressive. Some of us will have even chosen to buy on the power of that impression alone. That is why things like foiling services can be such a great investment; they can lead to more sales because of how well the foils enhance the packaging. Continue reading

Laminating services – Flooring for garden room

The covid pandemic made more people conscious of how important their garden is. It can be a fantastic outdoor space that is useful for all kinds of things. A good design can go a long way here, especially when you choose a garden room. Great flooring is one of the most crucial parts; it helps to establish what the space will be used for. There are many choices of materials for it, a number of which rely on laminating services. We want to have a closer look at some of the options so you can see which might be best for you. Continue reading

Is vinyl flooring right for you?

Lamination is so important today that many of the things around us would not be possible without it. Just look at the flooring in your home. It is likely you have at least one floor cover that owes something to laminate. We want to have a closer look at one of the most interesting ones today; vinyl flooring. Then, if you need any help with laminating services, you can speak to us. Continue reading

How PVC foil transforms furniture

PVC furniture foil is quite popular today. It is a thin, robust layer of material you can apply to a multitude of materials. This improves their aesthetics and also keeps them safe from wear and tear. The applications extend to a considerable number of furniture variants. It offers a cost efficient answer for obtaining top tier finishes mirroring the appearance of more expensive substances. We want to have a closer look today, sharing our experience with foiling services. Continue reading

Does aluminium foil have health benefits?

Foils have proven invaluable in enhancing the appearance of all kinds of objects. For example, sustainable foils can be a great choice for vehicle parts and more. What you might not know however is that certain ones have uses beyond this. For instance, we depend on aluminium foil for stopping contamination and keeping food fresh. Surprisingly, Chinese and Russian medicine says foil may also be a practical choice for relieving pain and other health problems. We want to go over a few ways in which it could help the body. Continue reading