Foil stamped vs metallic ink printed business cards

Opting to for a metallic element on your business card can provide a distinct quality so it will make it easier to stand out from the crowd. Competition between the cards is huge. Having a special finish could increase the likelihood of someone keeping yours. You can also showcase your green credentials if you use sustainable foils and other eco-friendly materials.

There are two distinct processes you can use to get a stunning finish on business cards. These are foil stamping and metallic ink. Both differ in technique and the final result. We are going to offer you a full guide on the two. In addition, we will talk about which one is better for your next print.

How do you make the cards?

Sustainable foilsLet’s begin by discussing how metallic ink business cards are made. Here, you use ink infused with compact metal particles. Think copper, aluminium, and gold. When the ink dries, the small particles reflect light. This provides the paper with a metallic aesthetic. A varnish or laminate then gets applied over the top to safeguard the ink from cracking with time.

People consider metallic inks to be a spot colour. So, it is possible to run them on the same print press as CMYK colours. You often need several layers of metallic print on business cards to build up the ink to the right colour.

As for how foil stamped business cards are made, you use the stamping process. It’s where you apply foil to paper with pressure and sometimes heat. You can use different types of foil in a myriad of colours. Examples include silver, gold, and copper. It is also possible to make use of sustainable foils here. They use minimal resources and are recyclable.

What to consider

To figure out which technique is the most appropriate for your cards, consider how you want them to look. The budget available for your print is also vital.

In terms of which one is the most reflective, foil cards are far superior with shine. Since stamping makes use of a foil sheet, what you get is a consistent opaque layer on top of your paper. This reflects plenty of light. The paper texture doesn’t influence the foil’s appearance. Therefore, expect your foil to produce a consistent degree of shine across any paper you apply it to.

In contrast, business cards with metallic inks are more subtle in their appearance. The metal distribution isn’t equal here. It is often the case that you need many layers to even see any shine.

Business cards created with foiling end up being the more durable. Metallic inks can react to the environment surrounding it. As a result, you can experience cracking over time. Foil is more stable and less reactive. Some even feature a protective film.

The final consideration is cost efficiency. Having metallic print on business cards is more cost effective. You can run the whole print on the same press. So, you can generate cards quickly. Metallic foil calls for a separate machine to roll and heat the foil. This increases the time and cost. Saying this, getting that mirror finish shine instead of a speckled glow is worth all the investment.

We aim for the highest standards with sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we use state of the art technology together with high quality foils. The result will be something that shines and is environmentally friendly. Our team understands how complex foiling is too. As such, you can expect us to deliver the best results.

So, feel free to speak to us if you need our help or want advice about sustainable foils. We are proud to support clients in choosing them.