Using laminates for retail fittings

Aesthetics and making a great impression is crucial in retail. It can be the difference between welcoming a stream of customers through the door and chasing them away forever. You need to think about how to design the space to ensure they view your business favourably. What you may want to do is use laminating services to create beautiful fittings. They can display your products effectively, generating interest, encouraging interactions, and hopefully resulting in more sales.

Hard to distinguish

Laminating servicesIn the past a lot of businesses would sneer at the idea of choosing a laminate. Solid wood and veneer were the popular choices because of look and quality. Beside them, a cheaper alternative lamination over particleboard would stand out for the wrong reasons.

However, laminating has advanced in massive leaps and bounds. Today they are better and can feature a lot more detail. They can be really hard to distinguish from the real thing, even down to the graining.

There are also some massive benefits with laminates today. This makes laminating services even more valuable.

For one, they are stain and moisture resistant. Plus, they can resist wear and tear more effectively than real woods. That means you can enjoy them for longer.

Maybe the best benefit is their flexibility. You can get some laminates in very thin plastic-like rolls. As a result, you can apply them to different surfaces, regardless of the size and shape. Laminate boards are more rigid because of the core, but you can also cut and shape them to suit different needs.

During Covid retail laminates also came into their own because they are easy to disinfect. You just wipe them down with a little bit of disinfectant to get rid of any contaminants. It made it easier for businesses to keep shops clean and safe for customers.

Which to choose?

There are generally two options if you want to use laminates for retail fittings. Let’s have a look at them before you decide on laminating services.

The first option is high pressure laminate (HPL). What you have here are the plastic-like materials. You can get them in a huge range of styles, including different colours, woodgrains, and more. They are great because you can apply them to almost anything, including particle board. It can produce a great look and you can be creative with the size and shape of your fittings.

Your second option is thermally fused laminate (TFL). What you have here is a decorative sheet bonded to a rigid backing material. They can have some fantastic properties, including heat, moisture, and stain resistance. The bonding can also ensure peel resistance. You then cut and shape them to create the fittings you want.

Do you need help with laminating services?

As you can see, laminates are a great option for retail today. They can be cost effective and give you the chance to be creative with your fitting designs. Plus, they ensure your fittings will last longer, even if you need to disinfect them regularly.

If you want to try laminating services yourself, you can learn more with us. We have plenty of experience and help clients in various industries. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind; we’ll tell you what we can do to achieve it.