The perfect flyer finishes

Do you have flyers that could do with that extra something? If so, you should add a special finish. This will turn any design into a high quality, eye-catching flyer that will maximise your marketing at low costs. Saying this, we are aware that picking the ideal finishes can prove tricky. So, we are going to discuss a collection of options you could use to improve the feel and look of your designs for each scenario. Then, if you want laminate or recyclable foils, you can speak to us.

Metallic foil

Recyclable foilsFirstly, you can stand out from the crowd with metallic foil flyers. Available in colours like copper, silver, gold, and rose gold, you are certain to find something that matches your design. Such a flyer finish provides designs with shine and depth. If you want to show that your brand provides sophistication, style, and elegance, this is the way to go. You even have the option to use foils people can recycle to make things more environmentally friendly.

Of all the flyer finishes available to you, metallic foil is the most flexible option there is. It’s possible to adapt it to meet the needs of different industries, no matter the occasion. The metallic foil will augment your design but maximise your impact subtly.

Glitter disco foil

This specific foil is the ideal flyer finish to make them shine. It adds sparkle and shimmer to your paper, supplying a similar shine to the metallic foil. However, it combines a smooth surface and an alluring glitter effect at the same time. The result is an old school party feel. A flyer like this brings out the excitement and fun in any design. That is especially true for online and interactive special events. You can catch the attention of present and new customers by making them want to dance the night away. Always consider recyclable foils as the most sustainable choice.

Silver rainbow foil

With this particular foil, you get a finish with a whimsical holographic effect. It’s one that generates all the colours of a rainbow. Similar to the back of a DVD or CD, the colours move and shift as the light moves. Such a flyer finish is able to make any design more playful and fun. Add silver rainbow foil to designs that use technology or magic. You will get the ideal undertone for your design and also make people excited about your services or business.

Spot UV

This substance has a thick gel that is layered on top. It really brings your preferred design to life. It works wonders at highlighting vital details, illustrations, or images. By selecting spot UV, your flyer will become more eye-catching and durable than before. The gel overlay is excellent for designs holding important details on a new service or an upcoming event. It will make them stand out in unique ways.

Start working with us and choose recyclable foils

At Foiling Services, we give clients the freedom to decide exactly what they want. There are almost no restrictions here because we have access to a massive selection of foils and can apply them in different ways. As a result, you can be creative with everything.

You can also comfortably rely on us to use recyclable foils on your items if you want to be greener with flyers and other products. So, if you are interested in doing business with us, give us a call.