Foiling Services

Foiling services are a highly sought after skill that brings incredible appearances to products and items. Not only can metallic foiling be applied to a far greater number of surface types than standard ink, but it also gives a much more vivid, attractive and distinguished look. To attain the great benefits of foiling it is, of course, essential to make sure you only trust the very best in the business to carry out the work for you. At Foiling Services, based in Worcestershire, we have over a decade of delivering nothing short of world class standard work in respect of foiling, laminating and block foiling.

As the most trusted name in the UK for foiling services, with us you are always sure to have perfect work carried out that exceeds even the highest expectations. Whether you already have the perfect design already prepared or want to utilise our highly skilled staffs’ vast talents to create a foiling style, we are able to assist. You will also find that, with Foiling Services, world class standard work does not mean premium prices. Our competitive service is offered with the focus being on making the benefits of foiling affordable to all.

Our use of advanced, state of the art technology to carry out foiling work means that we are not limited to the standard shades of silver and gold when it comes to implementing a foiling design. We are capable of meeting the challenge of any available shade or pattern and feature you want to bring to a product and doing so to perfection.

Foiling, like laminating, can deliver spectacular appearance results. It can also, if carried out incorrectly, result in the opposite, with your item left ruined. Foiling Services make sure this never happens. The art of foiling is highly complex, and one needs to understand how the item will react to high heat and the thermoplastic covering process before carrying out the work. We always ensure that this understanding is in place before carrying out any work, giving you the assurance that nothing avoidable will go wrong.

Whether you are looking for foiling services for decorative purposes or for protection – or even a combination of the two – we are the leading choice available to help you. Our skills and expertise will ensure your item has the distinguished, elevated look that can only be attained by professional foiling work.