Four key pieces of food packaging that feature aluminium

Foiling servicesThe effective preservation of food is one of the most important developments in human history. Without it people would not have been able to sail around the world and explore. Trips to the moon and International Space Station wouldn’t be possible. Plus, the shelves in supermarkets would not be as full. We have to be thankful to a number of innovations here, including foiling services.

Aluminium foil and laminate can create packaging to keep different foods safe. We want to have a closer look at four different products that feature aluminium. They will help to showcase why foiling and lamination are so crucial.

Pouches and sachets

From sauces to cat food, coffee to sausages, you can find various products packaged in pouches or sachets. They are available in a massive array of sizes and styles. The flexibility is fantastic, making it easier to pack, handle, and transport them. Aluminium foil is really beneficial here because it ensures protection against light and gases. You can use foils and efficiently remove oxygen too, ensuring the contents will last longer.

High barrier lids

Another common application for aluminium foil is lids. Whether it is instant noodles, baby food, or different snacks, this kind of lid can be very effective. Some tins now feature this kind of lid instead of a solid metal one to make them easier to open. The barrier can offer excellent protection against heat and pressure.

Alufoil containers

Most of us will recognise these containers from when we order takeaway or have professional catering at a party or event. Many businesses now use them for different products as well. They are light, easy to stack, and cost effective. Interestingly, you can also print on them. That is great news for branding.


Finally we have a great choice for juices, milk, and much more. From the outside they look like ordinary cardboard cartons. However, they have a foil lining. This provides some excellent benefits, such as enabling a much longer shelf life.

Do you want to try foiling services?

As you can see, there are plenty of great food packaging products that feature aluminium. They can be excellent at making sure foodstuffs last longer. Plus, they can make shipping, shopping, and storage easier. They are sustainable, especially if you choose recyclable foils.

As you can tell from our name, we excel at foiling services. We can do a lot with simple foils, including adding them to packaging, promo materials, and even automotive and architectural parts. Whatever you need, we will work to deliver the best results every time. They can be fantastic for your money too.

So, get in touch and learn more about foiling, lamination, and what we can do for you.