The importance of keeping supermarket signage in shape

If you work in retail, one item you will want to laminate is your supermarket signage. The signs influence your sales in many ways. As such, you will need to do everything possible to keep it in shape. Exterior signs in particular are vulnerable to things like the elements. What we are going to do is discuss how important signage is in detail. Once we are done, you will understand why you need to keep it safe. Then, you can come to us for laminating services.

Signage sells

Laminating servicesFirstly, whether you realise it or not, your signs sell things constantly. When you deploy them with purpose, they draw in customers. So, your signage strategies should focus on creating an enjoyable and welcoming experience for shoppers. Using printed and digital signs, and adding in QR codes, provides fun and new ways to share information and stories. You can connect with consumers more easily.

External signage is capable of standing out and improving the aesthetics of your shop. They can do so with bold and big graphics, logos, or images in bright colours on brilliantly lit signs. Also, it is possible to use them to add elements of your brand’s personality. This will set the mood of your establishment and offer the interiors dashes of colour and light. It is a great idea if you consider how competitive the market is for supermarkets.

Quality signage, the kind modified with laminating services to withstand the elements, makes a difference. When it looks great, so do you in your patrons’ eyes.

Better customer service

Retail signs improve customer service too. When you clearly understand your customers, you can use signage to anticipate their specifications and offer solutions for them at every turn. This frees staff up to serve shoppers and process payments with increased attention.

Use your signs to produce an atmosphere throughout the supermarket that builds on your brand’s qualities. Employ graphics and images that connect with shoppers. Ensure messaging remains consistent and up-to-date. This is especially important for those with multiple stores. It will prevent disappointment if they fail to meet expectations. Turn your shop into a comforting, familiar place that customers will want to return to.


Something else signage does is educate and inform. Modern shoppers want to know everything about what is in the products and food they are buying. Signs give opportunities to show and share details your customers want to know. The supermarket will get the chance to improve sales whilst gaining trust as a proven source of information. Laminating services can ensure the info is clear, even if numerous people handle the signs.

Expanded loyalty programs

Your supermarket shouldn’t miss the chance to recruit new loyalty program members or offer benefits to regular shoppers. This lets you gather data on their shopping habits, which you can use to produce a superior customer experience. Use signs to display possible savings for loyalty program members.

Signs that encourage loyalty program membership are especially effective when you have them at point-of-purchase and checkouts. QR codes on the signs will be able to direct people to custom registration landing pages to sign up. This is very useful when enrolment provides immediate rewards the shopper can use in the store.

We know how to excel with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we have become a leading authority in the UK on how best to carry out lamination. We can deliver excellent results and avoid ruining your items. What you will get from us is the right laminate, applied effectively, to a high quality finish.

So, if you believe laminating services could help you, please get in touch with us. We can arrange them for a massive array of needs.