Refreshing homes with decorative laminates

When you think about lamination services you probably consider laminating paper at a local stationary shop or printers. While this is a common service, there are far more options for laminate. As well as the usual clear laminates you are thinking about here, you can find various finishes. This could be colours, holograms, or even wood grain and texture. The most decorative are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes. Continue reading

The facts about foil coverage and substrate considerations

Foiling services can provide users with all sorts of benefits. In order to obtain them though, you will need to work with experts that know what they are doing. Our team has more than a decade of experience in providing high calibre results. This is the case for laminating as well as working with foils. As a result we can offer consistent, high quality services. Continue reading

Can I use any laminator for my photos?

Lamination services exist primarily to offer a degree of protection to delicate substrates such as paper, card, and plywood. This is an area we specialise in. In addition, we can make these items stand out more using our decorative coatings. We are able to give our clients coating solutions for a wide variety of base materials. Continue reading

Is it better to cut before or after laminating?

Lamination servicesLaminating is a great way to give potentially delicate materials a protective coating. This can include documents, cards, and more. With a laminate there is less risk of wear from handling, damage from moisture, and other issues like rips and tears. As a leading provider of lamination services, we can provide a reliable solution for any need. We also have top of the line equipment so you can expect a great result. Continue reading

The beauty of holographic labels

The beauty of holographic labels

Foiling servicesOur company name should tell you what we are all about. We have made it our mission to offer decorative foiling services that nobody else can match. When you choose us we will deliver excellent results that really stand out. We can foil a wide range of products, including wall cladding, point of sale displays, and composite doors. Continue reading