The proper ways to clean your roll laminator

Laminating services have such a vital place in the world for many reasons. The two biggest ones are that they provide items with extra protection and enhance their appearance. For the best results here, you need to work with experts who understand the process. Few businesses can come close to us in this area, as a result our team is the one you should trust to meet your needs. Continue reading

Making POS materials impactful

Point of sale marketing is still highly effective today. How many people choose to buy products simply because they see attractive displays in shops? Get the POS materials right and you could see a big increase in sales. Foiling Services can help with this. We offer first rate laminating services that can enhance all kinds of products, from signage to display stands and brochures. Continue reading

Why should you choose vinyl flooring with metallic touches?

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for many different parts of a home. For example you could use it to add colour and a pattern to the kitchen. Or you could choose it for an en suite or master bathroom. Whatever you use it for, you will want to ensure the materials look great and last. You might also want to look for special touches like metallic details. Foiling Services has a lot of knowledge about adding foils to different materials. So, we can help customers to choose the perfect solutions. Continue reading

Think about how waterproof a laminate will be

Today laminating is a vital service for all kinds of industries. It is useful for creating a huge array of products, from flooring to door panels. The laminates can be immensely durable, offering scratch protection and more for delicate substrates. They can also offer waterproofing benefits in many cases. However, it is important to choose the right laminating services to get the best results. We can help with this. Continue reading

Why is PVC film so good for industrial applications?

When most people think about lamination they will likely focus on paper and card materials. However, there is a great deal of demand for laminating services in the industrial sector. In fact laminates are useful for a huge array of applications. There are lots of different choices for films here. However, one of the most popular is PVC film. Below we will take a look at why it is so good for these projects. Continue reading

Setting your budget for laminate products

More and more people are choosing laminates to add stylish touches to their properties. There are plenty of great options. This includes products you can use to freshen up your home and other choices that are great for large retail spaces. Whatever you choose though, you need to get high quality laminating services. This is the best way to ensure you get a great result. Continue reading