Help your wedding invites shine with foiling

Foiling servicesAdding foil to wedding invitations has been a popular choice for a while now. It is almost always the case that the best looking invites have metallic elements in the design. The idea is to help make them even more impressive and eye-catching. Below, we will go over some of the advantages of using foiling services to provide your invitations with the perfect final touch. Continue reading

Why should you laminate leaflets and flyers?

When you are promoting your business it is a good idea to ensure you make the right impression. You need to get the promotion spot on, whether it is physical materials like leaflets and flyers or digital things like videos and your website. One of the things you can do with print items is to choose lamination services. The laminate can enhance the look and feel of these items. It can also make them last longer. Continue reading

Enhance your print with the help of lamination

There are endless possibilities when you invest in lamination services. As a result, they enable you to get creative. There are so many items and products that can enjoy the benefits of our work. Plus, with different thicknesses and films to choose from, you can get the perfect design. To help ensure you get the best results possible, you need to choose a leading service like ours. We are here to help when you need us. Continue reading

Using multiple colours of foil

Today it is incredibly common to see foil on different materials. For example, you can find it on packaging, birthday cards, wedding invites, and even certificates. It is a popular option because it adds class to any item you add it to. The designs can also have a lot of detail, becoming a focal point. If you want to try something similar with a product, we offer the most reliable foiling services in the UK. You won’t find a better service than ours. Continue reading

Laminate thickness guide

Laminates come in a huge array of shapes, sizes, and finishes. This can make it a little tricky to decide which you should opt for. At Foiling Services, we give clients a lot of help so they can be confident they make the right choice. We look at everything, including the amount of protection they want and what they like in terms of aesthetics. Then we can ensure they get the right lamination services. Continue reading