A revolutionary packaging option

Cold form foil packaging is very popular in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s utilised for items that need protection from light, oxygen, and moisture. The process of creating it consists of shaping the foil with a stamping press. You then laminate it using film layers, such as PVC/PVDC, PVC, or nylon films. As a top provider of foiling, lamination, and sustainable foils, we want to have a closer look at this revolutionary packaging.


This form of foil packaging has multiple advantages if you compare to others.

Sustainable foilsMost notably, it comes with barrier features, effectively defending products from light, moisture, and oxygen. That is crucial for preserving the quality, safety, and usability of the goods.

Extended shelf life is another benefit. Merchandise packaged in this manner can enjoy a good shelf life because of the barrier features. It reduces spoilage so things last longer.

Furthermore, the packaging permits customisation, allowing for the creation of distinct sizes and shapes. That means businesses can choose the ideal dimensions for different needs. It’s easy to mould sustainable foils into various sizes and shapes whilst enabling top tier labelling and branding with printing.

One other benefit is the tamperproofing. This ensures the integrity and safety of the enclosed object; it will be easy to see if there has been any tampering as it will break the seals.

Blister packaging

A common application for the products is blister packaging. You can see it a lot in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. What you do here is combine plastic film and aluminium foil. The laminate gets formed into a blister or cavity that works as a product holder. It also protects against the elements.

When creating the packaging, you apply a mix of vacuum, pressure, and heat. The laminate film gets heated to a certain temperature and is then moulded into the right shape. Following this, the product goes on the blister or cavity. The laminate gets sealed firmly with vacuum and pressure to ensure a secure closure.


Several innovations have taken place with this packaging as well. This includes new printing techniques such as digital and holographic. These practices can make the packaging more attractive because you can add different decorative elements. More importantly, you can include important products details, brand logos, and more.

There has been a move to using sustainable materials too. These include compostable and biodegradable films. Such a shift is the result of customer awareness and demands. If you’d like to work with sustainable foils, contact us.

How sustainable is the packaging?

We’ll end by talking more about the sustainability. Cold form foil packaging has a lower environmental impact compared to other options. The aluminium is 100% recyclable. Many of the films are too now.

As for the actual packaging, it is lightweight, lowering emissions during transportation. Furthermore, choosing it contributes to extending shelf life. This minimises waste and lowers the overall ecological footprint.

Countless cold form foil packaging manufacturers also prioritise sustainability. They do so by making certain the sourcing of materials stays environmentally friendly.

We get the results you want with sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we work to deliver the best possible results on every job. Thanks to the aid of our partners, we have no trouble supplying and working with sustainable foils. You can use them for various things, including packaging.

So, if you’re interested in doing business with us, please get in touch.