Think about laminating board prints

One of the best things about modern artwork is there are so many options. You can choose the perfect type for any kind of need, whether it is a print for a bathroom or external signage to promote your business. Board prints are a great choice, especially as an alternative to canvas. You can also enhance them with laminating services. We want to take a closer look at them today and why it is a good idea to add a laminate.

What are they?

Board prints are a modern option for artwork. What you do is print an image directly onto the boards. They can be bold, vibrant colours. You can get photo quality imagery.

You get a number of advantages with the boards. Most crucially, they are light but rigid. This is great for all kinds of signage, including event displays. The attractive costs and quick turnaround are fantastic too. Plus, you can choose boards in a massive range of shapes and sizes, including large format ones.


Laminating ServicesA great thing here is there are so many different types of boards to choose from. You can decide which will be best for you. Laminating services can also be available to enhance each of them.

Acrylic is one of the classic choices, offering a great alternative to traditional canvas. You can get a really impressive finish that looks almost glass like.

Composite boards are another option. They typically feature a rigid plastic board with skins on each side. Aluminium is a good skin choice, especially for external signage.

Correx is a third choice. They are PVC boards known for being rigid. You can print on them easily, achieving vivid details. Their versatility is fantastic.

Finally, you could opt for Foamex. This is the most popular option. It is a PVC foam board that is rigid, light, and low cost.

Why laminate?

Typically board prints are durable and long lasting, even when moisture is at play. However, you can enhance them and increase the longevity with laminating services.

A laminate film can do a lot of good here. For example, it can improve moisture and stain resistance. There is UV protection too. Plus, it can enhance the strength of the board. The aesthetics will also benefit, protecting the vibrancy of the print.

You can also find advantages with many specific needs. If you have board prints for floor stickers, the laminate can provide an anti-slip coating. In addition, if it is external signage, you can choose lamination to get protection against graffiti.

Speak to us about laminating services

We are one of the UK’s most skilful lamination experts. You can come to us to add a protective laminate to various sheet materials, including board prints, composite door panels, and more. We’ll deliver excellent results every single time, ensuring a good bond and great look.

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