Is it possible to print on laminate sheets?

One question people have about laminate sheets is whether it’s possible to print on them. The answer is that you can. We want to take a closer look at this today. We’ll also talk about how best to approach it to get the greatest results. Then, if you need laminating services, you can ask us.

Laminate sheets are versatile and you can use them for all kinds of purposes. Examples include making labels, creating signs, and protecting documents. Whether you’re looking to print images, text, or both, you have a smooth exterior to work with. You can achieve high calibre printing. With the right equipment, it’s possible to get long-lasting, vibrant prints.

Advantages of laminate sheets

Laminating servicesFirstly, laminate sheets are among the most durable options available. So, your vital documents will be safe from wear and tear. Also, they resist water, smudges, and stains. It makes them ideal for a myriad of applications, like ID cards, signage, and menus. Furthermore, there is a polished and professional aesthetic. You get all of these benefits plus the ability to print on them.

With laminated prints, you can enjoy sharp and vibrant colours that remain true to the original design as well. The visual appeal of your documents will increase.

Printing on laminate sheets is a cost efficient operation too. You can repeat a print many times without undermining the quality, saving you money in the long run. Batches of products will be consistent too. Contact us if you need top tier laminating services.

Getting the best results

With printing on laminate sheets, there are certain things you can do. For one thing, you will need the right printer. Not every device can handle laminate. You need one compatible with thicker materials and a straight paper path. The latter will stop jams. Using the correct settings is also necessary. You need to ensure you accommodate the thickness of your sheets. You need the right paper type and to set the ink density correctly.

Ensure you have proper alignment too. Before you print, align the laminate sheets in the printer tray. This will help you to stop any misalignment and smudging during printing.

Following the printing, you must give the laminate sheets enough time to dry before handling them. You will prevent smudging this way. Moreover, the ink will stick correctly to the surface.

As you might expect, these types of sheets also need you to handle them with care. They are very different to standard paper. Thus, you need to be careful. Avoid creasing or bending to preserve the print’s quality.

Lastly, you should consider lamination. You can actually add another layer on top of the print to preserve it and make it last longer.

Laminating services offer reliable protection

At Foiling Services, we can use lamination to give your items the protection they need. Our team understands that they are working with a sensitive process. Thus, they know that not everything will be suitable for laminate. If there is an item that will be incompatible, we’ll advise you on different solutions.

So, feel free to talk to us if you’d like our laminating services. We can laminate an array of materials for different applications.