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Take care when using coated paper

It surprises many people to learn just how many different types of paper there actually are. The stocks can vary greatly in terms of the texture, thickness, and many other elements. However, when you think about marketing there are two broad categories to consider; coated and uncoated. They can have a big impact on your project, especially if you are choosing foiling services. Continue reading

It is not just about gold foil anymore

The main reason why people like to use foiling services is so they can make their items stand out. In order to maximise your investment however, you have to work with professionals. We have been specialising in the field for the longest time. As a result, we have the experience to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. Continue reading

Making a better material with laminating services

Businesses all around the world invest a great deal in creating new materials. Their goal is to create ones that can offer the perfect array of characteristics to suit their needs or those of the end users. You can now find all kinds of composites that can provide better characteristics than their individual parts. Many of these are only possible because of cutting edge laminating services. Continue reading