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Why is foiling so widely used?

Foiling servicesWith foiling services, you can provide items with a bright metallic finish to help bring products to life. This could be to catch attention or to make a design look more luxurious. We believe that everyone should be aware of the advantages that come with adding foil to a surface. Because of this, we have gone into detail in this article to help you understand how our services can be useful to you. Continue reading

All the different foils you can choose from

One of the things that makes foil stamping such a great choice for so many people and businesses is how many options there are. The number of different foils is amazing. That means everyone should be able to get the look they want for their product. At Foiling Services we can help with this. We have access to lots of different types of foil and know how to apply them carefully. Whether it is packaging, cards, or marketing materials, rely on us to enhance them for you. Continue reading

You should be working with High Definition Gloss Laminates

Lamination ServicesOne of the most important things to remember with lamination services is to respect the items you are working on. We regularly have the task of laminating things like posters and photographs. Many of these are irreplaceable. As a result, we must get everything right the first time around. We work hard to do just that and have a wide array of laminates to cater for various needs. Continue reading

Refreshing homes with decorative laminates

When you think about lamination services you probably consider laminating paper at a local stationary shop or printers. While this is a common service, there are far more options for laminate. As well as the usual clear laminates you are thinking about here, you can find various finishes. This could be colours, holograms, or even wood grain and texture. The most decorative are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes. Continue reading