Your coatings and inks must be suitable for the foil

We are a company that provides high calibre laminating and foiling services to a wide selection of markets and industries. Experienced in working with all sorts of films and foils, including the likes of PVC film and hot transfer foils, we have the means to meet a plethora of customer requirements. Suitable for a sizeable variety of applications, our talents are the ones you can depend on.

When you are foil stamping a medium to large sized solid material on a varnished unit, one of two issues can get in the way. They are gassing and air entrapment, and both are strikingly similar. Here, small bubbles or pinholes appear through your image’s middle section because of air that has become trapped between the foil and stock, or gas that has activated due to the die’s heat. Despite the similarities, the ways in which we overcome them are quite different.

If you determine that gassing is a possibility whilst on the job, you should work closely alongside your printer to inspect the coatings and ink with your choice of foil before conducting the operations. This is particularly vital when working with large and medium solid foil stamped images.

If you locate a specific kind of ink or coating that seems to function well with foil, it would be ideal to keep a record of the manufacturer for future use. This can save you a lot of time and hassle, as you won’t have to mess around making comparisons to see which ones work best.

Something else you should try to do is have your sheets coated off-line as opposed to in-line with your printing whenever it’s feasible. By doing this, you are giving the ink ample time to dry off, and are avoiding the chances of wet trapping your ink between the coating and stock.

At Foiling Services, our decorative sheets are used for such things as point of sale displays, infill and decor panels, industrial mouldings, and composite doors. Depending on whether the foil and substrate fusion is felicitous, these products can be processed via line bending, vacuum forming, die cutting, drape moulding, or standard fabrication.

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