How does lamination work?

Foiling Services, established in 2005, has helped a number of different businesses in numerous industries with the application of functional or decorative foils and laminate. We produce a variety of printed patterned products which include slate, wood, and metal finishes. When it comes to lamination services, there is nobody better than us.

The laminating technique can improve the stability, strength, appearance, or other properties of a product with the use of different materials. Lamination creates a permanently assembled object, using pressure, heat, welding, adhesives, or a combination of these elements. It can be a very fast, highly effective method.

The type of materials used is a big factor in what lamination process is used. Also, based on the object that needs to be laminated, certain materials may be unsuitable for use. It is wise to ensure that a good bond can be formed and that the substrate material will not be damaged in the act of laminating.

One example of laminate using different materials is the application of a plastic film layer on either side of a piece of wood. The plastic is the laminate, and the wood is the laminated subject or substrate. The new upper layer protects the wood underneath, boosting water proofing and wear resistance. It can also provide a more decorative finish.

Other uses of lamination are laminating a piece of glass between sheets of clear plastic. Doing this is designed to prevent glass shards coming away if it breaks. This is an example of how lamination is used for protective measures and is commonly seen on windshields.

Decorative laminates can be used on many different materials including paper. This is set up before pressing them at high pressure using thermopressing, creating a more attractive finish.

Foiling Services can supply you with high quality foil and laminating solutions. We only ever manufacture products to order, using the highest quality materials available to us. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, so feel welcomed to contact us if you have any questions regarding our lamination services.