Laminating long prints

We are a business that supplies the most high specification decorative foiling and laminating services to its customers. Working with businesses that originate from various industries and markets across the country, we have extensive knowledge.
We work with all kinds of materials whilst on the job, including the likes of Acrylic, ABS, Plywood, and PVC to name a few, making us quite the versatile establishment. Whatever your requirements, our team shall do everything in their power to ensure that they are met.

If you are certain that you will have a long print, or that you’re going to have to print a multitude of units onto the same substance that all demand the same variety of laminate, you must utilise your printer’s take-up roll system, should it possess one. Something to keep in mind is that the general core diameter for the majority of lamination machines is three inches. As such, a 3″ diameter core tube should be the one you load onto your printer’s take-up roll set up. Best laminating machines make the document wrinkle-proof, waterproof, and preserve them longer.

Your tubing width can match that of your materials or be slightly longer. What your goal here needs to be is to make sure that the material edges remain as even as they can be. What this does is lower the chances of the print from drifting back and forth or wandering during the lamination process.

Load your print rolls onto the laminator’s lower material bar. The assumption here is that your laminate is webbed and ready for use. Another recommendation would be for there to be around two or three feet’s worth of unprinted medium to use as a feeder or safety cushion. This gives the operator ample time to see if any complications could potentially present themselves and begin from scratch if necessary.

At Foiling Services, the array of interior and exterior grade foils we use means your design choices are only limited by your imagination. To give you an idea of the choice available we offer granite, uni-colours, marble, and brushed effects to name some.

To present you with the highest quality finishes, we operate alongside such manufacturers as Poli-Film, Leon-hard Kurz, and Renolit, who have helped us to produce some fantastic results. If you would like our assistance with lamination services, please get in touch with us.