Why should you laminate leaflets and flyers?

When you are promoting your business it is a good idea to ensure you make the right impression. You need to get the promotion spot on, whether it is physical materials like leaflets and flyers or digital things like videos and your website. One of the things you can do with print items is to choose lamination services. The laminate can enhance the look and feel of these items. It can also make them last longer.

Standing out

Lamination servicesLeaflets and flyers have been a good marketing tool for many years. For many people it is a natural reaction to just take one when someone is handing them out in public. They can also be drawn to them when there is a stack in places like coffee shops and bars. The trick is to make them colourful and eye catching.

While they can be attractive and effective, there is a downside with printed materials like these. This is that sometimes people will simply crumple one up and put it in a pocket or bag. Then if they look at it again later it may be ruined and they may not be able to tell what it was.

A great way to stop this is to laminate the materials. This can give the paper extra protection and mean the print will stay bright and easy to read. The lamination can also make the items nicer to touch and interact with.

A professional look

While flyers and leaflets can be a great part of your marketing mix, they can easily go missing among all the other ones out there. What you need to do is make sure yours stand out. A glossy feel, high quality images, and great colours can help you achieve that. Lamination is great here because you can choose a film that will enhance the print and protect it without distracting from your message.

Investing in lamination services

By now you may be thinking that laminate sounds like a good option. While it is something you can do yourself, you will want to make sure the finish is pristine. The last thing you want is to start laminating only to find that your leaflets and flyers have horrible creases, bubbles, and other problems. That won’t make the impression you want.

Instead, why not call on professional lamination services? It is an extra cost but the rewards can be fantastic. It could help you attract more customers and build knowledge of your brand. If you have any questions about laminating, you can contact us for advice. We have a lot of experience and can laminate a huge array of products.