Learning to use pouch and cartridge lamination

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Two forms of laminating

Foiling servicesOur intent here is to talk about two separate ways of laminating. Both require you to use tabletop mechanisms. You either need to use a cartridge or pouch laminator.

Regardless of the machine you own, the specific instructions will differ slightly. Therefore, the best thing to do here would be to discuss basic concepts. This shall give you a better understanding of how everything works. You can then apply this to the laminator you are currently using.


We will start with pouch laminating. These are brilliant choices for businesses, individuals, and offices who want to create laminated prints quickly. You can produce them in small sizes without having to use a bigger mechanism. They typically reside on the tabletop. You can find them in a myriad of widths too. However, they normally allow for paper of letter size 8.5×11 and wider.

These devices employ pouches to enclose prints. They come in a variety of sizes for different uses. Pouch laminators demand that users stay by the machine and individually feed the pouches.

The requirements

To laminate using a pouch laminator, there are a few things you will need. The items in question include the machine and a few key supplies. Ensure that the carrier and pouch widths don’t surpass the machine’s maximum width. If you are going to use a carrier, check that your mechanism can withstand the extra thickness.

With the print, you don’t have to employ coated or thick paper. The laminator is going to cover it up and bring in some extra thickness. Basic paper is a practical choice and a money saver too.

The cartridge route

Cartridge lamination is up next and is newer to the industry. It is rather innovative too. This form might somewhat restrict the applications. However, it has proven its worth by being a convenient and easy way of laminating low and high volume runs.

Something to remember is that these machines use a cartridge of film. Therefore, they are solely compatible with their distinct supplies. This means there will be restrictions on sizing, thicknesses, and laminates. One of the primary benefits though is that you only need compatible cartridges in addition to the actual machine.

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