Why should you choose vinyl flooring with metallic touches?

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for many different parts of a home. For example you could use it to add colour and a pattern to the kitchen. Or you could choose it for an en suite or master bathroom. Whatever you use it for, you will want to ensure the materials look great and last. You might also want to look for special touches like metallic details. Foiling Services has a lot of knowledge about adding foils to different materials. So, we can help customers to choose the perfect solutions.

Why use vinyl in the first place?

Foiling servicesMany people look past vinyl, thinking of it only as a cheap flooring cover. However, it can offer a lot of advantages over things like laminate, hardwood, and even tile. For example you can find premium vinyl that is fully waterproof. Therefore any liquid on the surface or moisture on the sub-surface will never soak through. This is better than other materials that may only be partially waterproof.

It is also much easier to work with vinyl. Usually all you need to do is cut it to shape with a sharp blade. It can therefore fit easily around things like sinks, toilets, and other fixtures. Other materials can be harder to cut to size and shape. As a result they can take longer to install.

Vinyl is also more durable than people think. The upper layer can resist wear for a very long time. Where wood, laminate, or tile can suffer with scratches, cracks, and other issues, vinyl should withstand them for longer. There are also quality materials that resist staining.

Choosing metallic details

Now you know that vinyl is such a good choice, you need to decide what material to choose. You can find options with all kinds of patterns and styles. For example, you could opt for a vinyl that looks exactly like marble, tile, or wood. There are plenty of options so you can find a material to suit your interior design ideas.

One thing you should consider is vinyl with metallic details. Manufactures can use stamping and other techniques to add really impressive patterns to the vinyl. It could be something relatively simple like a geometric pattern. Or it could be more complex. In each case the metal foil can enhance the material, making it stand out.

The stamping process also helps to provide a new dimension to the material. It presses the pattern into the vinyl, the same way that debossing works. That means with some patterns you can get an affect similar to 3D.

Ask us about foiling services

As you can tell from our name, we are the top team in the UK working in foiling. We have the skills to add foils to a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, packaging, and more. The foil we use is from some of the biggest brands in the world. As a result you can rely on the quality.

So, if you are thinking about adding metallic foil to any kind of product, speak to Foiling Services. We have a wide range of foils, including mirror, brushed, and even exterior ones. You can ask us for suggestions, advice, and more.