Think about how waterproof a laminate will be

Today laminating is a vital service for all kinds of industries. It is useful for creating a huge array of products, from flooring to door panels. The laminates can be immensely durable, offering scratch protection and more for delicate substrates. They can also offer waterproofing benefits in many cases. However, it is important to choose the right laminating services to get the best results. We can help with this.

Waterproof or water resistant

Laminating servicesOne thing you need to look at is the level of waterproofing that a product offers. It won’t always be consistent. In fact it can differ greatly by products.

A great example to look at here is laminate flooring. It is a very popular choice for homes because it can be more flexible, cheaper, and easier to maintain than hardwood floors. However, some products are only water resistant. What that means is that if you leave liquid on the surface for long enough, it will soak in. This can naturally lead to some issues like warping.

However, there are some other types of laminate flooring that are truly water resistant. These products will not absorb any water, even if they were fully submerged in it. This can offer big advantages in rooms like bathrooms.

Sadly some manufacturers will claim their materials are waterproof when in fact they are only water resistant. Therefore, you need to check to make sure. The last thing you want is to invest in beautiful flooring only to find that it does absorb water and cause issues. You also need to be careful if you have issues with moisture in your subfloor. If you do, you need a true water resistant product. It will be more effective because it won’t absorb the moisture from below or above.

Ask us about laminating services

Foiling Services has a great understanding of how useful laminate can be. We use it for all kinds of projects, including some applications that many people would not consider. This includes external uses like lining pools and laminating signs. It is also essential for creating floors and furnishings like bookcases, wardrobes, and more. People even use it to create kitchen worktops and cupboard doors.

Our goal is to offer the most reliable laminating services in the UK. To do this we make sure they are as extensive as possible. We give people access to a huge array of different laminates, including external and internal ones from leading brands.

So, if you need laminating solutions for any need, speak to us.