Making POS materials impactful

Point of sale marketing is still highly effective today. How many people choose to buy products simply because they see attractive displays in shops? Get the POS materials right and you could see a big increase in sales. Foiling Services can help with this. We offer first rate laminating services that can enhance all kinds of products, from signage to display stands and brochures.

How can you make POS work?

There are three main reasons that point of sale marketing works so well when you get it right.

lamination servicesFirstly, you can target people that are already in the mindset of making a purchase. Therefore they are more likely to buy something else if you make it jump out at them. This is why you see many of these materials at checkouts, where people queue, and in waiting areas.

Then, you can boost sales by having POS materials to advertise add on items. Promote these as products that will make the other things they are buying more enjoyable and they are more likely to purchase them as well.

Thirdly, the right point of sales materials can ensure people have a better experience when they are shopping. You can use them to keep people engaged. This could result in more sales now and improve customer loyalty too.

What should you do?

Using laminating services can add a great deal to your POS items. The laminate can enhance any print, protect materials, and even add more detail such as a texture or pattern. At the same time, the film can make sure the message remains clear and stands out.

The great thing about laminates is they are relatively easy to use and give you a wide array of options. This is possible because there are so many different types to consider. You can look at a choice of thicknesses, colours, and even the finish. There are all kinds of combinations. You can even find laminate that is perfect for use in external areas.

You should also think about how the laminate will enhance your whole brand. Use it correctly and it could make it look more stylish, elegant, and modern. Or you could opt for colourful laminate that makes you seem more creative and playful. The choice is yours, especially when you work with a team that knows a huge amount about lamination.

Ask us about laminating services

At Foiling Services we want to give every business the chance to be creative with their laminates. To do this we offer a very broad selection of materials and a first rate service every time. POS is an area we have a lot of experience with, so we can give clients a lot of useful tips and ideas.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our laminating services. Businesses from a variety of industries work with us to produce high quality point of sale materials that are really impactful.