The problems with foil stamping and their solutions

Not everyone understands the many reasons that foiling services are so useful. For one thing, the appearance they bring to your items is spectacular. This could be a stylish aesthetic or an extra bit of elegance. With our experience, we are able to bring you top quality results for the most competitive prices.

Hot foil stamping is a process that many people use. However, it is not uncommon to encounter problems while using it. We are going to talk about some of the potential issues here. In addition, we will go over the solutions that you should use.

Not strong enough

Foiling servicesOne issue that comes up is that the hot stamping is not strong. There are several reasons why there would be a problem with this. For one thing, the pressure can be light and the hot stamping isn’t firm. In addition, the temperature of the stamping may be low. All you need to do here is adjust the pressure and temperature.

Introducing wax that has a desalting agent or an anti-sticking agent will also lead to weaker stamping. What you have to do here is stick a layer of extremely absorbent paper onto your printing plate. Then you need to air-press it again.

Bad graphics

Sometimes, the graphics can become dizzy and false with hot stamping. The main reason why this happens is because the temperature is too great. When it is excessive, the foil paper film can surpass the tolerance limit. As a result, the foil film expands to the surrounding environment. This leads to the dizziness. What you need to do is adjust the temperature to a range that is appropriate. Contact us if you require our foiling services.

Blurry text and an indistinct picture

These issues can happen for a number of reasons. There may be a lax stamping foil installation or an excessive amount of embossing force. Alternatively, the bronzing paper coating could be too thick. The main reason however has to do with the temperature again. If your printing plate temperature is too high, the film layers are going to transfer and stick. This makes the text unclear and the picture indistinct.

To solve this problem, adjust the stamping temperature. Do so according to the foil paper’s temperature application range. Make sure you change the pressure as well, and choose thin foil paper with a thin coating.

The benefits of foiling services are available here

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