The proper ways to clean your roll laminator

Laminating services have such a vital place in the world for many reasons. The two biggest ones are that they provide items with extra protection and enhance their appearance. For the best results here, you need to work with experts who understand the process. Few businesses can come close to us in this area, as a result our team is the one you should trust to meet your needs.

If a business or school owns a roll laminator, it probably gets frequent use. You will need to do routine maintenance to ensure it will function efficiently every time. It is not difficult to do, however it is a job that you must do properly. The tips below should help

Clean the rollers

Laminating servicesTo start off, you will have to clean the mechanism’s rollers. Each time someone laminates, a bit of adhesive is able to seep out and get on the rollers. With enough time, the adhesive will accumulate. This leads to jams and potential machine damage.

Even though cleaning the rollers is not difficult, it is a job you need to be careful with. One thing you should avoid is using anything pointy and sharp. It doesn’t take much to nick a roller, but doing so will damage them. They are rather expensive to replace too.

By cleaning your rollers regularly and properly, you will prolong their lifespan. In addition, it will be easier to remove adhesive if you tackle it early.


When cleaning your laminator, begin by removing the film from the apparatus. Then, preheat it to warm it up. Once it is warm enough, take a suitable scrubbing pad and scrub the hard adhesive off while the rollers are going at the lowest speed. Be cautious while doing this since the rollers shall be hot.

You will need some patience here since removing all of the adhesive can take time. When you finish, re-load your film or put in a fresh one. Your machine should be ready to use again right away.

How often should I clean the laminator?

You should try to stick to cleaning the device every 3 or 6 months. However, you might be using the machine a fair bit. If so, the glue could be accumulating quickly on the rollers. If this is the case, clean more regularly.

You may find yourself in a situation where you have accidentally wrapped film around the rollers. Alternatively, you might have incorrectly loaded the film. Here, you will have to clean the machine before you can do anything else.

Laminating services that are always careful

At Foiling Services, we understand the finer details of laminating. This includes the fact that it is not an easy thing to get right. For this reason, we are extremely careful when we need to work on a client’s item. The last thing we want is to ruin it for them.

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