Why do vinyl kitchen doors bubble and peel?

Some people will be surprised to hear that the doors, cabinets, and even counter tops in their kitchen have a laminate coating. It is a popular option because it allows the use of a cheaper substrate. At the same time, it can offer a wider choice in terms of aesthetics. Plus, the lamination can make it easier to clean thanks to the smooth, impermeable surface layer. None of this would be possible if not for high quality laminating services.


Laminating servicesWhile there are plenty of benefits, it is not all plain sailing. Kitchens are naturally quite tricky environments because of the heat, moisture, grease, food waste, and more. You can have even more trouble due to things like direct sunlight.

Unfortunately the conditions can mean you start to have problems with the laminates. The two most common are bubbling and peeling. They happen because the adhesives break down. In turn it can result in bubbles or the laminate can start to peel.

Of the two problems, peeling is the worst. There are a number of spots where it is more likely to occur. The first is floor unit doors or drawers under the sink. There tends to be a lot of moisture here so it is quite common for laminate to peel. Wall units above the kettle or toaster can have issues too. This is because of the steam and heat from your appliances. Finally, cupboards beside the oven can have issues too. Again this is due to the heat.

Sadly it is impossible to predict when you may start to see issues. It depends on the specific conditions in your kitchen. How the products were made and the quality of the adhesive has an impact too. Unfortunately some signs can start to appear in as little as five years. In other cases kitchens can go decades without any problems.

What to do?

If you want to protect your kitchen, you need to think carefully about the heat and moisture. Ideally you should place appliances away from the cupboards. Plus, be careful with water from the sink.

Some people also accidentally cause the peeling and bubbling themselves. The wrong cleaning products can actually break down the adhesive. So, you need to be careful when you choose what to use to clean the kitchen.

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