Foil your logo to make it memorable

Many brands are instantly recognisable because they have such strong logos. They can be prominent on their products, packaging, marketing materials, adverts, and more. It makes people remember them. In the best cases, consumers will instantly think of the brand next time they need something. A good idea if you want to make your logo memorable is to add foil to it. We can help with that thanks to our expert foiling services.

The value of a logo

One of the drawbacks with many products is there are lots of competitors that look very similar. It can make it tricky for businesses and consumers to differentiate between them. What you need is something to make you stand out. A great logo can do just that, so you should spend some time designing a good one.

Logos are also vital because they can communicate your values and showcase your quality. It is surprising how much a single logo can say. Get it wrong and you can make it seem like you don’t care or value your customers. But, get it right and customers can feel confident buying from you again and again.

Why use foil?

Foiling servicesFoiling stamping is not a new process. It has been in use for a very long time for all kinds of products. Thanks to technological developments, creatives, hobbyists, and small home businesses can do it without needing huge machinery. That makes it more popular than ever.

There are many reasons to foil your logo. As you can tell from the title of this article, the most important is it will be more memorable. How does that work? Well, the foil will give the logo a new dimension because of how it reacts to light. It will be more visibly compelling. That is the case whether it is simple text, graphics, or something more complex.

Few things can give as much perceived value as foil too. People automatically link colours like gold, silver, bronze, and even rose gold to valuable things like jewellery. If you are using those colours in your logo, consumers will expect your products to be higher quality.

Foiling is also a very versatile decorating technique. You can add foil to a huge array of different materials, including paper and card stocks, certain plastics, and even leather and some fabrics. What that means is you can get consistency by easily adding your logo to various materials. That ensures there are fewer limitations on the range of things you can do for products or marketing materials.

Do you want to try foiling services?

One thing we urge here is to be careful with designs. There is a lot to think about with foil. For example, you need to look at the complexity of your logo. If there are fine lines or complex parts, it may be harder to add the finishing touch. There also needs to be a degree of leeway. The foil could be a fraction of a millimetre or slightly more out when stamping or printing. You have to plan for this.

What we do at Foiling Services is work to deliver the highest quality services for every client. Whether you add foil to a logo, graphics, or other things, we can help. We will advise you about the design so you get the best results.

If you want to look at the options with us, please get in touch.