The most popular laminating pouches

There is a lot to gain from laminating objects. One obvious benefit is the protection it provides. Another would be the improvement in appearance. Our team can aid you in obtaining both by offering stellar laminating services. What’s more, we are able to do this for some of the industry’s most competitive rates.

There are many pouch options

Laminating servicesYou can find a multitude of laminating pouches on the market. They exist in small sizes like Data Card variants. Others are bigger, such as Menu Size designs. To decide how to figure out the size you require, it is necessary to measure out the items you need to laminate. Then, you compare them with the separate sizes available. It is likely that you will locate the one you need based on the product’s description.

However, things can be tricky to figure out. This is because there are more than 25 individual kinds of pouches. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider the thickness. You’ll find that the majority of laminating pouches come in thicknesses between 3 and 10 mil. The former offers a light coating while the latter will be thicker and more durable. To aid you in narrowing down the search a bit, we are going to examine the five most popular options.

Letter size pouches

This is definitely the most popular option today. Letter size variants have a myriad of uses. To give an example, people utilise them to laminate things like seasonal coaching plans for football teams. By laminating the pages, it safeguards them from damage by the elements. While you are out with the team, your plans will stay safe.

Business clients could use these pouches to laminate safety signs or interoffice call lists. Schools get a fair bit of use out of them too. They do so by posting significant instructions on their walls for pupils. Letter size is easily one of the most versatile options you can find. Speak to our team if you need the UK’s finest laminating services.

Luggage tag pouches

These are also very popular at the moment. People are using them in trade shows across the planet. One way to use them is by laminating business cards to create more usable marketing materials. Airlines can make use of them to promote destinations. As for travel agents, they can use them to laminate their customers’ luggage tags for their journeys.

ID badge pouches

This is yet another popular pouch option. It is not difficult to produce an ID badge by employing a pouch lamination mechanism. Without the requirement to purchase a costly ID Badge System, you can print a picture out. Then, you are free to put it through the laminator. It is that simple.

Menu laminating pouches

These are a nice size to cater for different needs. You are free to print on paper or large card. You can then laminate. Menu laminating pouches are wonderful for restaurants looking to vary their menus between seasons. The best thing here is you can choose a pouch that is nearly indestructible. So, they are ideal for restaurants and can withstand frequent handling, liquid spills, grease, and more.

Custom laminating pouches

You might discover that you need a very specific pouch size. If you do, there is always the option to use a custom cut pouch. Some individuals might ask for one to be cut into a T. Others may want them to be a bookmark shape. You could be utilising them for game cards. Or, you might want to use them as part of a craft project. They are a tad more expensive, but you will receive what you need.

We take great care with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we work to make sure we provide unbeatable results. We combine quality laminate with expert application using the right equipment. As a result, it means everything should look great with no flaws. Plus, our skills mean there is little risk of damaging your items.

So, if you find yourself in need of our laminating services, please let us know. We can cater for a massive range of needs.