Hot foiling leather, fabric, and paper

Hot foil stamping is an extremely popular option today. It is highly distinctive and provides users with a genuine way of standing out. You’re free to use it on the likes of packaging and marketing assets. High quality foiling services are a great investment here. Regardless of what it is needed for, using the foil conveys messages of quality. Also, it offers users a way of introducing customisation.

One of the finest attributes with hot foiling is how versatile it can be. Depending on what mechanism you’re using, it is possible to foil a plethora of materials. Three of the most popular ones are leather, fabric, and paper. We’re going to discuss the finer details of all three here so you can learn more.


Foiling servicesUsing paper for the hot foiling process is widespread. It supplies you with a wonderful base for pretty much any design. It is easy to recreate your imagery or branding using dies that you can then use to replicate it repeatedly.

If paper is the material you go with, it will allow for a complete impression of the design. You will obtain a deep and clear repetition each time. Additionally, paper is extremely lightweight. This makes it simple to use with the majority of hot foil machines and dies. The sole disadvantage is that big pieces of foil can at times tear through lightweight stocks.


This is an incredibly wide category. It leaves enough room to generate distinctive and unique designs that also have a fantastic textural feel. Hot foil dies are able to accommodate various kinds of materials. There is plenty of scope for people to experiment to discover what option is best for them.

Regardless of the patterns and colours you want to capture, there are enough fabric options that are perfect to hot foil on. There are massive benefits to combining fabric and foils. Examples include resistance to discolouration and stretching. The only thing to remember about fabric is that the thicker yours is, the lower the chance your end impression will be clear. Speak to us if you need the highest quality foiling services around.


Hot foil stamping leather has been a standard practice since this process was first utilised. Some of the world’s oldest books come with classic embellishments on their covers. Today a lot of goods still feature foils to customise them and denote luxury. The only downside to leather is that it can cost more than fabric or paper.

We’ll get things done with reliable foiling services

We make use of the best equipment to apply foils. When we implement designs, our team can go beyond the standard shades of gold and silver. This is because we have access to a massive range of materials from the best manufacturers. They come in dozens of different colours.

Whatever it is you want doing with your items, we will work hard to make it happen. So, if you’d like to use our foiling services, please let us know.