Why are hot foil labels great for bottles?

We have all been to a supermarket and seen all the bottles of wine and alcohol lining the shelves in their respective aisles. What makes you decide what to pick? Most often it is probably a unique bottle or a label that stands out. It can be really big business making the right impression here. Foiling services can certainly help to do that, giving you the chance to create amazing labels.

Why is it a good choice?

Adding foil to almost any kind of label is a good idea because it can instantly add a new dimension to the design. However, it can be especially good for wine and different types of alcohol. It can add a sense of class, style, or even fun to a product.

In addition, hot foil labels are surprisingly economic. They can be quite low cost depending on the foils you choose and the complexity of the design.

Some great ideas

Foiling servicesYou can take inspiration from lots of products here to decide what to do with a label for a bottle. For example, you could choose to use a minimal amount of foil to highlight a logo. If your goal is minimalism, it can work really well and still make your brand look prestigious.

At the other end of the scale you could make the foil stand out as the entire subject of the label. Here you could have it for all of the graphics, including any text. You could create contrast by choosing a very different colour paper for the label itself. Gold or silver foil can look especially striking on a black background.

You can even freely mix foils in one label. You could do this by choosing specific colours to highlight various parts of the design. Or you can be a bit more subtle and select the same shade but still have a difference by selecting a shiny foil and a matte or flat one.

Quality stamps or seals

Another interesting thing you can do is to use foil to replicate a quality stamp or seal. This was a very common practice in the past using wax. You can get a much better look today with foiling. It can include a discreet detail or image to show the quality. A great idea is to have it so it looks like it is separate from the actual label.

Ask us about foiling services

As you can tell from our name, we have a huge amount of experience with foil. We know how fantastic it can be for adding eye catching details to various labels, including for wine and all kinds of spirits. It can really make bottles and brands stand out.

The thing we always advise clients here is to be free with their ideas for the design. There is no limit on the amount of foil, the colours, or how to combine everything. Whether you use a little or a lot, it can still be relatively low cost too.

So, why not find out more about using hot foil labels today? Foiling Services is a team you can rely on here. We can match your creativity and give you stunning results for any labelling. We can even replicate the foil in things like business cards, flyers, brochures, and other types of packaging.