Laminating a garage door?

The idea of having laminate on a garage door may seem very alien to you. However, you can find it on more products than you would imagine. It can be a cost effective option and a way to enhance the design without a huge investment. As one of the UK’s leading providers of laminating services, we want to take a closer look at how you could use laminate here and the benefits.

What material are you using?

Laminating servicesOne of the great things about garage doors is you have a huge amount of choice when it comes to materials. For example you can choose different types of wood such as cedar or oak. Or you may want a durable metal like steel or aluminium. You could even opt for a composite featuring wood, fibreglass, or vinyl.

The main thing to think about here is the aesthetics. The garage door is one of the most visible parts of a property. So, you will want it to look fantastic. You can do that by choosing a great looking material and the right door style. However, you may have an easier time and more options if you choose laminate and expert laminating services. The films give you a far broader choice of colour and design. You could have RAL colours, painted wood effects, and much more.

Think about the weather

A major concern with any garage door is the weather. It will be exposed to rain, wind, snow, sun, and more. Some materials cope better than others here, but with enough time you can start to notice wear and tear. This could be things like fading or peeling paint or even rust if you have a steel door.

You can try to be proactive here and put the effort in when it comes to upkeep. Or, you can choose an easier option and get a laminate finish. They can protect the substrate material effectively so there is no risk of corrosion. Plus, the films generally have excellent weatherproof properties. Renolit products in particular are excellent because of the solar shield technology. It slows down the ageing of the film so it will look great for longer.

Scratches and dents

Garage doors can have quite a hard life. People don’t always handle them with care, especially if they are rushing around or moving things to and from the garage. There is a risk of scratches and impacts that could result in dents. It can ruin the aesthetics and in some cases even allow other issues like corrosion to begin.

A laminate is a really good option here. They can have great scratch and impact resistance to address daily use. Plus, if there is even an issue you can choose a new laminate to cover over the damage effectively.


As we said above, garage doors are very visible. They will contribute a huge amount to the visual appeal of your property. So, you need to think about cleaning. Some materials are difficult to keep clean and you may damage them in the process. For example, that could happen if you have wood or metal doors with a paint finish. The wrong cleaning products or even brushing too hard could cause lots of problems.

Laminate is a really excellent option here. It is very easy to clean, even if it has a texture, and requires minimal upkeep in most circumstances.

Ask us about laminating services

We are always proud to promote the advantages of laminate, both in terms of the aesthetics and performance. It can be a great option for so many different products. Often it is also the best choice for your money too.

So, if you want to look at laminating services for a broad array of needs, speak to us. We can give you market leading solutions that use the best films.