Do you know every way to use aluminium foil?

Foiling servicesWith more than a decade of experience in the industry, we work to provide the leading foiling services. Our team works with a wide range of foils to deliver optimum choice for customers. Like with many other types of project, there isn’t a universal solution here. Every client requires a unique approach, but we can give you just that.

Anyone that has used aluminium foil previously knows it is an essential item for the kitchen. However, thanks to its metallic, pliable structure, it comes in handy for an array of other jobs. For example, there are lots of applications for foils in print and packaging. There are also other interesting uses for other projects at home. If you want to find out how else the foil can help, then read on.

Lining cabinets and drawers

Firstly, you can use it to line cabinets and drawers. This foil shall be simple to clean using a damp sponge. In addition, it is going to help you reflect light in those dark corners of your cabinets.

Polishing silverware

Using this handy trick, a chemical reaction leads to tarnish moving from your silver flatware to the foil. Line your plastic bin using the foil while it is shiny side up. Next, place the silver pieces inside. Then, pour in a quarter cup of washing soda in addition to a gallon of boiling water. Stir and let everything soak for around ten to fifteen minutes.

Clean the grill and dishes

Another use for aluminium foil would be cleaning grills. A ball of foil is going to make rapid work of removing dirt, grease, and burnt food residue.

Similarly, you can use the foil to clean dishes and other cookware. It will work in a similar way to steel wool so you can give everything a real scrub.

Bird deterrent

You can actually use this material to scare birds away. You may like seeing these creatures flying around your garden. However, if there is a fruit tree out there, you won’t want them snacking on anything. By hanging strips of aluminium foil in your tree, you can keep them away. If you wish to cover your items using the highest quality foils, make sure you use our foiling services.

Credit card concealment

One use you have definitely not thought of for the foil is concealing a credit card. You might own a swipeless card that possesses an RFID chip. These are different to the traditional cards with magnetic strips. If so, then con artists may be able to scan it through your wallet. From this, they can accumulate specific account details. The risk isn’t huge. After all, these scans are not going to give the thieves the details to make fraudulent purchases. However, the mere thought could be making you uneasy. If so, simply wrap your card in some aluminium foil or line your wallet slot with it to deflect the scanner.

Moving furniture

You can also use this foil if you need to move heavy furniture. Take the feet of your sofa and wrap them in several layers of heavy duty foil. This will help you scoot it across the carpeting. Just don’t use this method on delicate surfaces. It is the same with furniture your foil can scratch.


Finally, you can use the foil to iron clothes quicker. It is capable of reflecting heat. Therefore, you should try putting a sheet underneath your ironing board cover. This way, you can smooth those wrinkles a little faster.

We have various foils available if you need foiling services

Our goal is to provide your items with an incredible appearance by using the very best foil. We stock an extensive list of foils to ensure there is something for everyone. This includes brushed, exterior, mirrored, and printed products to name a few. By working with our team, you can easily gain the most impressive results.

So, if you wish to use the finest foiling services, please give us a call. We can give you advice and lots of helpful tips.