The positive elements of laminate wall cladding

If you are looking to add a new level of protection and style to your items, you should use laminating services. We have been specialising in this area for a long time. So, we have the experience and talent to provide first rate results. In addition, the solutions you can find with us are among the most affordable out there.

Laminating servicesThese days, many people are choosing compact laminates or laminate wall cladding. They are doing so over classic wooden wall panels. The reason is that the former two options come with many great benefits. If you compare to authentic wood, laminate wall cladding has similar properties and aesthetic appeal. The costs are lower though. There are other advantages too.

Are you looking for external cladding materials for commercial and residential spaces? If so, the laminate options could serve you well. To help you better understand the benefits, we will be discussing them in detail here.

Resistance to exterior factors

Firstly, this type of wall cladding is extremely resistant to exterior factors. For example, the laminate is tough against scratches. It is the same for acid rain, corrosion, frost, and other damaging elements. On top of that, they can help to create wall cladding that can stand up to extreme weather. It will be able to resist bending, impact, solvents, and heat too. Speak to us if you require high calibre laminating services.

Maintaining the materials

Another benefit would be the easy maintenance. High pressure laminate (HPL) used for wall cladding isn’t hard to look after. To clean it, a soft cloth or soapy sponge will do. For more stubborn marks and persistent stains, use an organic solvent. You can also use a non-scratch cream or liquid. Next, rinse everything well with warm water and wipe the residue away.

One other positive is that HPL does not often get damaged by external factors, making it very durable. Thus, if you want an exterior cladding material you can maintain easily, choose laminate.

So many options

There are also many different options for you to choose from. When you need to pick the perfect wall cladding material for your property, you will be spoilt for choice. From texture to species to colour, the world of laminate wall panels is an impressive one. Just make certain you do your research to figure out which one is best for you.


The laminate wall cladding can also feature anti-bacterial surfaces. This makes them a fantastic solution for locales vulnerable to germs and can halt germ manifestation and spreading. You will end up with a healthier environment.


Finally, laminate wall cladding is aesthetically pleasing. You might opt for a plain wall panel or a decorative one. Whatever the case, both come with a great aesthetic appeal. Using the most exquisite decorative wall panels, you can transform a residential or commercial property. You can give it a more modern, classy, and elegant look.

Work with us when you need laminating services

At Foiling Services, we understand how to deliver the high quality results people are after. What we do is combine the best laminates with high quality equipment and put everything in the hands of a team with a huge amount of experience. This approach helps us to ensure every item looks perfect.

So, if you would like to explore laminating services with us, feel free to get in touch. We can laminate a huge range of materials for you.