Which type of foil do you need?

Foiling servicesFoils come in a huge array of colours, finishes, and patterns. However, many people don’t know there are actually different types. Instead, when they look at foil they think it is all the same. However, it is crucial you choose the right type to suit your needs. Foiling Services can help. In fact, we have access to one of the broadest selections of foils in the UK.

Three distinct types

When you look at foils you will notice three main categories. It is important that you choose a foil from one that is compatible with your application. That will ensure you get a good finish.

Heat foil

The most common type is heat foil. It is a simple one to use but is not suitable for all uses. The thing to keep in mind is that these foils require heat to transfer them to your chosen product. However, there is no adhesive to help form a bond. This can cause issues with some materials.

Reactive transfer foil

The second option is a little different. It also has the foil but includes a reactive agent to help with the bonding. This could be a gel, a paint, or many other agents. Here you need a machine that can produce enough heat to activate the agent so the foil can then bond to the material.

Adhesive foil

A third option is to use a specific liquid or sheet adhesive. This is what has the shape of the design. The foil then lays over the top. It is a more complex method but it can look great.

Help with all kinds of foiling services

One thing we work hard to do is help our clients to choose the right type of foil. We start by asking them about their project and the kind of effect they want. Once we have info about the kind of substrate they are dealing with, we can suggest the right solution.

The thing to keep in mind is there are lots of options with each type of foil. As a result, you should not have to worry about having to compromise on the colour or style you want.

Foiling Services is a passionate team that looks to offer as much value as we can. So, if you want to find out more about using foils, please contact us.