Can lamination aid schools during the pandemic?

If you have made the decision to laminate your items, then you will want the assistance of an expert company. We have been offering first class laminating services for many years. As a result, our understanding of the process allows us to produce first rate results. This is without ruining your items.

When schools began to open again back in September, everything looked and worked differently. The one thing we know for sure is that health and safety must be front and centre. You are probably wondering how lamination will be able to assist people with this new normal. It can be useful for a number of reasons.

Clear communication

You have to clearly communicate each new health and safety measure. They can’t be successful in the school if you fail to do so. Staff and students should not have any concerns or questions about what is necessary from them when on site. Signage in the canteens, toilets, corridors, reception, and classrooms shall aid them in staying safe. It will remind everyone to adhere to the new measures.

Laminating signs will assist you with preserving and protecting them. This is vital in high traffic locales like the corridors. The signs will be encased in plastic. Therefore, lamination enables them to be sanitised and wiped down without issue. The capacity to sanitise is vital in a post COVID school setting.

Lamination is a simple solution. It lets administrators and teachers display, replace, and update signs when necessary. This can happen while they are adhering to the new health and safety standards.

Take the resources further

Laminating servicesEducators will have come across laminating services before. It increases the lifespan of the materials they distribute to pupils in class. Schools often have small budgets. Therefore, lamination makes a big difference in taking resources further.

However, the most limited and valuable resource a school has is time. Countless staff members are not able to fit the lamination process into their schedules. It is often seen as a time consuming practice because machines can only do so much at once. This would mean that the user would have to stay there loading and reloading the machine. They will have to do this until they have enough materials. With a professional service however, they could get an expert to do the job for them.

Take advantage of laminating services

At Foiling Services, we offer each product a fantastic level of protection using high quality laminates. At the same time, our service can transform the appearance of items. This is great for things like signs that need to stand out.

So, if you are looking to take full advantage of laminating services, please get in touch with us. We can discuss everything with you and suggest the right options.