What liners are available for cold laminates?

In an effort to assist the markets and industries in this country with making their products stand out, Foiling Services provide them with a plethora of quality lamination solutions. Our team has the talents necessary to work with all sorts of materials, with MDF, HIPS, ASA, and aluminium being a few notable examples. No matter your requirements, we’ll do whatever we can to meet them in a way that suits you.

If there aren’t any wrinkles at the start, then this means that they won’t be there at the end. For those looking to achieve this result, you must be aware that the laminate demands some tension to be placed on it. After the laminate roll has been positioned onto the roll holder bar, something that needs to be centred when feasible, make use of the tension break to prevent the roll from running at will. Enough tension should exist from the beginning that it becomes bothersome to turn the roll one-handed. This aids in webbing the laminate’s release liner onto the take up bar.

For cold laminates, two variants of release liners are available. The first is a paper design where it is simple enough to separate the liner from the laminate by bending a corner and making use of a fingernail to split them up. Option number two is a poly-liner, which can be slightly more challenging to divide. A trick you can use is to employ two fragments of high-tack masking tape. Put a small piece of tape on each side of one corner of your laminate and pull them apart afterwards. You should pick this route if you don’t have much time and patience.

At Foiling Services, the decorated sheets that we utilise are useful in applications that include decor panels, sign making, composite doors, and building products. We can process such merchandise using methods like die cutting, vacuum forming, and line bending, depending on whether the circumstances are suitable.

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