Overcoming the difficulties of heat-activated polyester films

As you can probably tell from our name, we specialise in foiling. What you may not know is that we also provide top of the range lamination services suitable for all sorts of industries and markets. Experienced in laminating a substantial variety of materials, including the likes of plywood, ABS, PVC, and MDF, we are confident that we can meet your remarkable requirements.

Your typical heat-activated polyester films generally come complete with co-polymer adhesives. Unfortunately they may have a bad habit of sticking to the ink instead of your paper. At times, your laminate can lift off an inkjet printer. This is particularly true with the darker colour sections that come with massive ink coverage. The issue becomes most noticeable in two cases; once the laminate is flush trimmed with your print and when the darker shades widen to the edges without a white border.

Another concern with laminating glossy heavy coated papers with this lamination style is that the ink separates from the paper after being introduced to intense heat. Said heat is a necessity for activating the adhesive. This complication presents itself in the form of air bubbles that exist between the laminate and print.

Depending on your inventory of laminates, application, the tools available to you, and numerous other elements, there are several ways in which you can overcome these problems. One thing you can do is substitute the inkjet paper that you are utilising for printing and employ standard heat-activated polyester laminates.

While this does sound incredibly easy, it has proven itself a viable solution in many instances. If your paper is more ink-receptive, it provides you with a finer surface for the co-polymer adhesives. Additionally, since there isn’t as much ink lying on the exterior, the chances of it bubbling up are diminished.

At Foiling Services, our collection of films is extensive so that clients can select the perfect aesthetics for their needs. For example we offer woodgrain, metallised, and brushed effects as well as clear and uni-colours. To ensure that our finishes are at their best, we work with trusted manufacturers like Novacel and Renolit.

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