Helpful advice on laminate webbing

As professionals, we are proud to be able to offer high calibre lamination services to clients from across the country. Using their developed skill set, our team is capable of laminating a wide variety of materials, including HIPS, aluminium, Plywood, and PVC to name some. With the assistance of well-regarded manufacturers, we hope to present you with some of the best finishes that you’ve ever seen.

When webbing your laminate, it’s sometimes more prudent to work from the laminator’s back end after the liner has started on your take-up bar. From the rear section, put one hand in the take-up bar’s centre area to prevent your liner from coming loose. Make use of the second hand to pull the laminate over your top roller.

Next, you can either opt to use the foot pedal to move your laminate along, or pull it whilst you turn the take-up bar. Should you press or squeeze your liner to the bar, you’ll be able to feel it grab the bar and begin pulling itself up.

If the intent is to employ over 20 feet of laminate, but not to unroll the liner from your bar, try slipping a cardboard tube or core over the bar. This way, you can simply dispose of the core/tube afterwards. Prior to placing them on the bar, pinch or crush one of the ends. What this does is cause your object to grab the bar so that when it turns, it doesn’t end up slipping. While you’re doing all of this, a greater degree of tension might prove necessary on the laminate roll.

A single individual can accomplish this by taking their time, but at the beginning, it’s better to have someone at your side. You should keep this second person around at least until you become more comfortable with everything.

At Foiling Services, our collection of decorated sheets can be utilised for an extensive array of applications, such as infill and decor panels, and industrial mouldings. These and many other products can all be processed via line bending, drape moulding, and die cutting, with the method chosen depending on the conditions being suitable enough.

If we can be of help to you with our lamination services, please get in touch with us.