What kind of printed materials do we laminate?

We strive to provide the greatest lamination services in the country. This is a goal we’ve spent years working towards. Many businesses consider us the leading force in our field. To us, this means we’re on the right track. Our team understands the ins and outs of the practice. In addition, they know that there’s no room for error.

Lamination is very important in the printing industry. It is very common because it gives rather delicate materials like paper and card a protective coating. This boosts the longevity and finish.

A typical approach would be to bond the film to both sides of your piece. This will completely enclose it in plastic, ensuring no weak spots where moisture could get in or the material could be stained or ripped. It’s not just protection that lamination offers however. It provides rigidity and strength too.

Frequent handling

You often laminate items that people handle regularly. Examples include membership cards, restaurant menus, maps, and price lists. You’ll normally see laminate pages inside the flip book of a salesperson. We also use laminates to cover certain books.


Another advantage of lamination services is they increase the brilliance of the printed piece’s colours. Over time the print can fade, especially because of handling, exposure to the elements, and general wear. With a protective coating this won’t happen.

Damp or dirt

We also recommend lamination for damp or dirty settings. This includes operating instructions and machinery warnings. The area could be oily or moist. In these cases, you would usually extend the film beyond the piece’s edge. You must do this by 1/8″ to 1/2″ so that the bottom and top layer of clean laminate can bond to one another. This keeps dirt, oil, and moisture away from the substrate.

At Foiling Services, we respect everyone’s property. A large number of goods we’re tasked with laminating are special and also irreplaceable. Knowing this, we make sure that we get everything right the first time.

If there is anything you’d like to talk to us about regarding our lamination services, please contact our team. We can give you advice as well as recommending the right finish.