Frequently asked questions when it comes to foiling

We are the home of the foremost foiling services, solutions people love to use. Even with the huge number of jobs we have been involved in, our expertise continues to grow. Below we look at some common queries you should be aware of for your foil needs.

Does the choice of material make a difference?

In order to protect your item and to get the best results, ours is a service that requires care. Along with technique, the type and grade of foil will differ between jobs. This allows for a great match and a long lasting quality finish. We take care with your item so that it stays in amazing condition throughout the process and for the future.

Is the design important?

The graphic design plays a part in the foiling process. For designs with fine detail, you need something that will provide a clean release. On the other hand, something solid will be fine with quick release foils. When possible, breaking up the foil will make it easier to get high class results. With our experience though, we can work around common issues to overcome them. To give great definition at the end, we will always take care, in particular with the application.

What finishes can you achieve?

With our vast range of foils, we can provide you with numerous results that all offer a high quality appearance. Our foiling services options include:

– Mirror
– Brushed
– Printed
– Exterior
– Vinyl rolled

If you are unsure of which foil would be the best for you, we can assist. Despite the fact that we provide you with leading results, our low prices make it easy for everyone to access amazing services like ours. You will have a product that stands out and looks luxurious.

If you have a question, you can contact Foiling Services today at 01684 560290. We would be happy to help you in any way we can, including telling you more about finishes for different needs.