Help with controlling thermal lamination

Keeping your belongings safe isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you’re trying to look after important documents. Paper isn’t too sturdy after all. Because of this, people seek out a viable solution. Their first stop is normally at our doorstep. They trust us because we offer the greatest lamination services around.

Thermal lamination is one of the many processes used in the industry. The trick to being successful is to ensure that you control the operation properly. There are a series of aspects you need to inspect here. The two we will examine here are laminating temperature and pressure.


This is a basic control point. The reason why is that laminating film generally employs hot melt adhesives. The temperature therefore decides the molten conditions. The temperature also dictates the diffusion and permeability ability of adhesive molecules to the BOPP film. Increasing it will improve the adhesion strength. Be sure not to set it too high though. If you do, the exterior of your item will wrinkle, brighten, and bubble.

Laminating pressure

Something else you’ll need is the right pressure. Without it the molten hot melt adhesive won’t be able to encase your printed product’s surface. Instead it has to be pressed into place. Low pressures mean the bonding won’t turn out very strong. Get it right though and you can enhance the bonding force between paper products and the film.

Problems can also occur if you go too far with the pressure. Most importantly your products shall be vulnerable to wrinkling. It won’t take much to damage the rubber roller either.

At Foiling Services, we can laminate a variety of materials. The list includes but isn’t limited to ASA, MDF, PVC, and HIPS. For finishes, we partner with well-known manufacturers. Renolit, Novacel, and CFE Europe are some of our partners. Therefore we can offer the highest quality lamination services.

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