I can’t decide between hot and cold foil

Our foiling services are famous all across the UK. For years, we have been providing our customers with world-class results. This comes at some very affordable prices too. Using state of the art machinery, we’re able to work with more than just the regular gold and silver shades. In truth, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Cold foil printing and hot foil stamping are two of the most common processes in our industry. Usually, people are unsure as to which is better for their situation. When deciding between them, there are certain considerations you must take into account.

In or off line?

One vital consideration is in-line vs. second operation. You perform the cold foil procedure in-line on press. As such, you eliminate the requirement for a subsequent off-line technique of hot foil stamping. In addition, by being in-line, you can apply coatings, varnishes, and inks over the cold foil on press. This would require an extra press pass after the hot stamping action.

Foil colours

Foil colour is another consideration that should pop into your head. With cold foil, there are a finite number of colours available. One of the most fashionable shades here is silver. To obtain a particular colour, you need to lay down ink over the foil you’re applying on the press.

With hot foil, you’re free to use a wider catalogue of colours. This includes red, blue, and gold, as well as silver. Furthermore, you also have the option of using more varieties of foils. Examples would be clear, patterned, and holographic designs.

At Foiling Services, we take steps to ensure that your goods return to you in pristine condition. Something people don’t understand about foil is that it can go horribly wrong. However, we’re very familiar with the complex workings of the process. Therefore we can reduce the risk of flaws.

If you desire assistance from the market leader for foiling services in the UK, please let us know.