What are foil and car wrapping?

Foiling services are excellent for many reasons. This includes their ability to bring a wonderful appearance to your items. To get the results you desire though, you will have to work with people who understand foils and how to apply them properly. We have years of experience working in the industry. As a result, we can give your items that final touch or new lease on life they require.

Changing your vehicle’s appearance

Foiling servicesWhen people want to alter the appearance of their vehicle, they have multiple options. For starters, they can get a brand new paint job. However, this can be somewhat limited in relation to colour choices and the complexity of your design. It isn’t ideal if you are after more than a solid colour.

Car wrapping on the other hand is a far more versatile approach that can offer more detail. It also permits the application of almost any design to your car merely by printing it onto wrapping film or vinyl. You then affix these to the vehicle’s contours.

There are also solid-colour wrapping films. These make it far easier for you to alter the colour of your car entirely. You do so by completely covering the existing paintwork. One of the most visually striking and popular vehicle wrap effects is a complete matt black recolour.

Another kind of car wrapping

Foil wrapping is another option you can try here. There are printed or block-colour designs on flexible foils. This is then fixed over your car’s painted surface. It is not unlike applying gold leaf, but it is on a grander scale. There is no requirement for it to be shiny, but the foil’s vibrancy naturally lends itself to brighter shades. This includes reflective metallic colours. Contact us if you desire the highest quality foiling services in the UK.

Examples of these foil finishes include highly polished chrome-effect silver, as well as mirror-finish gold. The two are glamorous effects, which have proven a wonderful addition to the supercars you see in the UAE and US. UK cities are also seeing more of these.

With such finishes though, you must choose them carefully. If officials consider them to be too reflective for road safety, you may get into trouble with the law. This is more likely to happen on those sunnier days.

With the right advice, you can select the correct materials for your project. You will be able to get as close to the exact finish as you want. This is all without overstepping the limits in place for your own safety, as well as that of other road users and pedestrians.

We want everyone to experience top tier foiling services

At Foiling Services, we always aim to carry out high calibre work that meets or even exceeds the highest expectations. Our pricing is competitive and we focus on making it accessible to everyone. Plus, thanks to our use of top class equipment, we can work beyond the regular gold and silver shades. We specialise in adding foil or laminate to different sheet materials, but can handle various other projects too.

So, if you need stellar foiling services that you can count on, make sure you speak to us. We can discuss designs with you and recommend the best way to get the look you want.