Choose the right over-laminate

There are a lot of people using lamination these days because of the aesthetic and performance benefits. Many of these individuals are working with us too. They know we supply the finest laminating services in the UK. With our talent and experience, we will be able to meet even the most complex specifications.

You might be keen to start using over-laminates as soon as possible. However, being over-enthusiastic can lead to you purchasing the wrong one. With our assistance though, you will choose the correct films. Read on to discover the most important considerations you have to make when choosing your over-laminate.

Are you going hot or cold?

Laminating servicesTo begin with, it is vital that you figure out if you wish to work with hot or cold adhesives. Test them too in order to see if your adhesive is compatible with the exteriors you are working on. Over-laminate adhesives come in a collection of three different categories.

The first is thermal adhesive, which needs heat to activate. You will frequently see these adhesives broken down into two individual categories. They are “low melt” and “standard”. The names refer to the level of temperature it takes to activate your adhesive.

Then there is the second type, pressure sensitive or cold adhesive. Such adhesives shall include a release liner and will only need pressure to initiate their bond to your material.

Lastly, there is heat assist, which is also called “heat-set”. This particular adhesive bears a close resemblance to pressure sensitive ones, as it includes a release liner. One distinction though is that you need heat for activation. Come to us for first rate laminating services.

The thickness

Your next area to look at should be the kind of film and what thickness shall work most efficiently for the item you are creating. Take note that polyester films are rigid. As for vinyl films, they are usually softer, and very flexible.

What kind of finish?

Lastly, you have to consider the finish. Think about the one you believe will work best with what you are creating. Over-laminates come in countless finishes, such as lustre, matte, and gloss. You will find different textures as well. Make your selection based on lighting conditions and visual aesthetics to acquire a balance of optimal viewing of your image. Remember that ambient light influences the visibility or readability of your product.

We know laminating services inside and out

Foiling Services has become a leading authority on lamination in the UK. This is because we know the most efficient ways to do it. Plus, we have access to a great range of laminate to suit many different needs.

So, if you would like to find out more about laminating services, feel free to contact us. We can help you to choose the right method to laminate your items and the best material.