Using film laminated metals

One thing manufacturers often need to think about is uniformity. They will want everything to look the same so it is consistent. However, this can be tricky in many respects. It is especially hard with steel sheets and products made from them. There can be differences in the graining, colour and more. Even if you choose to paint or finish the metal, there can be issues here too. One of the best ways to guarantee every sheet is uniform is to choose laminating services.

Why is the material not uniform?

lamination servicesThe thing to keep in mind when you choose any kind of metal sheet is the chemistry of the material can be slightly different with every batch. It is impossible to get it accurate every time. As a result there can be differences in how the sheets look.

Many people choose galvanisation when they select steel sheets. Again they probably expect uniformity. Sadly, there can be differences here too. A slight difference in the chemistry of the metal can mean a different finish. The main cause of this is the amount of silicon in the alloy. When there is a higher amount it can result in a darker grey surface after galvanisation. In some cases the surface can be patchy.

Another option some people choose is to paint the metal sheets to get them uniform. Again there can be issues here. There could be differences in the colour of the paint itself. The preparation, application and curing could also not be as exact as people want.

Why choose laminating services?

A better option in many cases is to choose film laminated metals. Manufacturers can add a laminate film to the sheet metal. The films can have a fantastic uniformity, meaning every single unit should look exactly the same. That means no slight differences in grain, gloss, texture, or anything else.

If that wasn’t enough, the addition of the film can make the metal sheets last longer. The films are strong and durable. They will give the metal a protective coating that can withstand moisture, dirt, chemicals, and more. They are also easy to maintain and keep clean.

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