Unsealed edges and cloudy documents

Throughout the previous decade, UK businesses have come to consider our lamination services the very best in the country. This laminating procedure is a delicate one, requiring trained hands such as ours to get it right. Not only this, but we understand how much the items mean to our clients. Therefore, we take every precaution to make certain there aren’t any errors.

There are many questions that people ask about the lamination process, the films, and the equipment that’s used. Some of them have gone unanswered, which has left individuals in a rather difficult position. To help, we’re going to talk about a few of these questions here, and offer up answers for them.

Failure to seal

Individuals have asked why their laminator isn’t sealing the edges. It’s likely that your documentation is too near the pouch’s end. This prevents it from forming a tough seal. For supreme results, you must permit a 2-3mm border to enable the pouch to seal up properly. Should this fail to solve the issue, clarify that you are utilising the right temperature setting. Attempt to pass your product through the mechanism again afterwards.

Cloudy with no chance of quality

Another recurring question asks why documents come out cloudy. Cloudiness is typically the result of the document being too thick or the temperature being too low. The first thing you should try is passing your document through the machine multiple times. If your laminator includes a temperature adjuster, raise the level slightly. If the problem persists, think about using a thinner pouch. Alternatively, you can lower the document’s thickness if possible.

At Foiling Services, we begin by examining the properties and characteristics of the article before it’s laminated. This goes a long way to ensuring that we ruin nothing during the operation. If there is any danger of this, we shall inform you of alternative lamination services that are more suitable.

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