Brighten up your business stationary

Our speciality is the application of functional and decorative hot transfer foils to a plethora of paper, wood, metal, and plastic sheet substances. We deliver incredible results, prioritising the aesthetics and finish. If you are after the most versatile foiling services in the country, you can find them right here.

Everyone loves a bit of foiling, but it’s not all about fancy designs and wedding stationary. There is so much more you can do with it. When used properly, you can even use foil to enhance your brand. If you’re not sure how, then you may want to look at the information we’ve prepared here.

Business cards

One thing you could do is add clever accents to your business cards. Foiling is about charm a lot of the time. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In truth, the introduction of metallic accents can ennoble materials without overdoing it. Furthermore, integrating some silver or gold shall aid you in creating credibility. It can also offer an extravagant overtone.

A letterhead

Every company letter should have a professional looking letterhead. It will grab attention and make your materials look official. Foil is a great option and can be used to make the name of your business or your logo stand out.

Greeting cards

It’s possible to use foil in conjunction with your greeting cards as well. It could be a corporate gift, an annual roundup, or even a Christmas card. Whatever the case, customers will appreciate the final touch foils will bring.

You can utilise the foil to direct their attention towards a specific point. Alternatively, you could simply highlight a message or your brand logo. You can also pull out art pieces like flowers, plants, or a candle flame.

At Foiling Services, even though people know us for our world-class results, we don’t charge obscene amounts of money. Gold and silver are the most common foils. We are not restricted solely to using them though. In fact we have a wide collection of products available that includes many different colours.

If there is anything we can do for you, please get in touch.