Give metallic foil stamping a go

It is our job to supply customers with all sorts of wonderful decorative foiling services. This is something we have been doing for years, and in this time, we have become the leading specialist in our field. From us, you can expect high-class results from every project. Whatever your requirements are, we shall see to it that they’re met.

Introducing a metallic finish is a brilliant way to produce a top notch, lavish aesthetic for your vouchers, brochures, and similar merchandise. One of the most effective ways of applying some additional glint to your products is metallic foil stamping. It generates some amazing outcomes, really making items stand out.

How does it work?

We introduce metallic foil to printed materials. It sticks onto the card or paper directly, and provides it with a shiny and winsome finish. You can utilise it to attach a finish to embossed and flattened exteriors. This allows for total versatility in terms of designing your marketing tools. Since we add the foil at the printing operation’s conclusion, it can also bring in a textural attribute. If you’re aiming for everything to be as tactile as possible, this can prove to be quite the bonus.

Another advantage of this approach is its longevity. It might appear delicate at first, but the truth is that it supplies you with a resistant, supreme finish. Naturally, this does make it a little pricey. On the other hand, if sophistication and elegance are the characteristics you’re going for, then the investments will be worth it.

At Foiling Services, we work with a huge variety of foils. The list includes numerous exterior, mirror, woodgrain, brushed, and holographic designs. In addition, we’re rather talented when it comes to lamination. Therefore, whatever the finish you want, we are confident we can offer it.

If our services have attracted your attention and you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.