There are several options for metallised decorating

Individuals and businesses from across the UK seek out our foiling services. This is partly due to the distinguished look they can offer to items. As opposed to regular ink, we can use foil in tandem with a far greater number of materials. Being the most trusted specialists around, you can count on us to provide top quality results.

Within the foil and film laminate industries, a series of myths has popped up. This has happened all over the sustainable community. Experts have addressed each one though and have revealed the truth behind them. What we’re going to do is talk about one of these myths here.

Metallised decorating isn’t a single entity

The myth is that all metallised decorating belongs in the same category. In reality, there are all sorts of procedures. There’s also more than a single way of introducing a metallic facet to paper or board. Hot stamping foil includes a narrow coating of vacuum metallised aluminium on polyester film carriers. We administer these via cold foil transfer or a foil stamping process.

Furthermore, there is transfer-metallised merchandise where you convey the material to the paper or board. We employ the film as a carrier rather than shifting it to the substrate. This practice is similar to when we apply hot stamping foils.

Metallised films used for flexible packaging purposes are completely distinct objects and take part in different procedures. You should never categorise them singularly.

At Foiling Services, we have the means to meet the challenges of all the patterns and shades you can ask for. Due to complex nature of the processes we use, our team ensures that they possess all the facts before starting a project. This allows us to prepare for avoidable situations and deliver the very best level of service.

It is always worth considering foiling services if you want to make a product stand out. There are plenty of options so you can differentiate your materials. If we can help you at all, please get in touch.